The March meeting of the Central New York Region of the Sports Car Club of America was held Wednesday, March 13, at the Pole Position Raceway on the third floor of Destiny USA/Carousel Center in Syracuse. Regional Executive Scott Newton quieted the group of 20 for a 7:15pm start of the session, thanking the P2R group for making their meeting room available to us. Temporary secretary pro-tem (and webmaster extraordinaire) Evan Haas was conscripted to start taking notes.

Scott and Assistant RE Ed Leubner talked about the Syracuse Auto Expo in February, that overall it went well with more than 500 business cards handed out, and two folks informed at the show, showing up at the early March Rallycross. Ed mentioned while Thursday was very slow, that Friday and Saturday were very busy. And, while we had a couple of cars for display, there was space for a third, and it would be good to show all we've got. There is some interest in doing other shows, and perhaps especially the Lorenzo show in Cazenovia in June, put on by the MG Car Club, as we lend some equipment support for that. There's another Fairgrounds show in April, and Scott would like to have a presence at the Syracuse Nationals in July. All our promotional gear from the February show is packed away, ready to go easily for our next effort. Scott's taken care of that.

Treasurer Jay Cartini reported all bills for Snarling sponsors, and SOLO supporters, have been mailed out.

SOLO Chief Mark Bizzozero says he's trying to work with Finger Lakes Region SOLO officials to coordinate an event at the New York Fairgrounds, that they have indicated some interest in. We are not doing a Fairgrounds event ourselves, at this point. Mark also says Joe Carozzoni, in Rome, is looking into use of space at the Griffiths Technology Park, the old air base. Scott is looking into a Utica area event at the Con-Med site there. And Mark reminded folks of the van clean-out party and SOLO meeting at his house at 9014 Jackson Street in Weedsport, 1pm, Sunday, April 7.

On Rallycross, James Quattro said the recent event had 14 entrants, but turned into a big messy mess when the ground started thawing. A bit more of a mud bog than a rallycross, but still some fun. James was planning on going to the Northeast Division Roundtable (conference) at Pocono Manor in Pennsylvania a couple of days after this meeting. And, he says this is his last year as Regional Rallycross leader.

Mick Levy reported for Flagging and Communications that fellow flagger (and chapter scribe) Bob Holcomb would be working the Sebring pro races shortly, and that there was a flagging and safety school coming up at Watkins Glen International the first weekend in April.

As region reports wrapped up, and comments on new business were opened up, Secretary pro-tem Jon Coffin showed up, and Evan and Jon shared note taking for the small remainder of the meeting.

Folks mentioned that Cherry Valley Motorsports Park has opened up its facilities for "Drift" events, with three scheduled in 2013, and the first set for March 30.

When asked, the Secretary offered no report.

It was reported the "Absolute Zero" road rally planned for March 9 had been canceled, but no other information was readily available.

There was some general discussion about the Central New York Raceway Park project in Central Square. A Town of Hastings public hearing will be coming up shortly, and while some complaints by some folks may be anticipated, it was brought up that a show of support, and some vocal comments by us, would be to our benefit as a club. The tracks' investors group reportedly met with State officials in Albany recently, and purportedly the southbound Interstate 81 rest area will be reopened, and provide access to the racetrack through that area, and it will serve as a track exit to 81 southbound. Racetrack "groundbreaking" may take place in May. The track garage, which will double as a display/show space is being enlarged to accomodate even more activity in the off-season.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm, and these notes have been interpreted and respectfully submitted by Jon Coffin.

P.S. - The track activity that followed on the Pole Position Raceway was a hoot!

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