Solo Classes & Rules

The CNY Solo Championship Series is held under the current SCCA National Solo Rules, in addition to the rules in our regional supplement.

What class is my car in?

The SCCA National Solo Rules are the only official and final word regarding car classifications. However, there are several guides available to assist you in quickly determining the appropriate class for your car. You can also ask for assistance from a tech inspector or registrar at the event.

One such guide you can use is the SCCA Classing Guidelines document. This will help you determine what "prep-level" your car falls under. You can then use this information to find the appropriate class for your year/make/model in Appendix A of the National Rules.

Solo Event Procedures

Registration and Tech Procedures

Pre-registration is available for all CNY Championship Events, however it is not mandatory.

Unless otherwise publicized before the day of the event: Registration and Technical Inspection will open at 8:00 am, and will remain open until 9:30. If you have not registered by 9:30AM you will not be allowed to participate. The Drivers' Meeting will be at 10:00 am and is mandatory for ALL competitors. First Car Off will be at 10:30 am.

Entrants as Workers

  • All competitors will be required to work once for each run they take. The first failure to do so will result in the loss of the best time for the missed work. Subsequent failures to report for work will result in the competitor not being allowed to make any further runs at that day's event and possible disqualification.
  • Entrants running in the last group will work for the first group.
  • All entrants must report to the worker chief for their work assignment immediately after completing their run.
  • It is permissible for a competitor to have another worker report. The substitute worker must be eligible to be an entrant and must have signed all relevant waivers. It is the responsibility of the worker or substitute to insure that the worker chief is fully aware of the substitution.

Order of Running

The day's run order will be announced at that day's driver's meeting. Generally, a competition will make a run followed by his / her work assignment. This will be altered based on the site requirements.

When it is your group's turn to run, drive your car to the starting grid and follow the directions of the grid worker. If you need a helmet, ask the grid worker for one. When it is your turn to start, slowly drive up to the starting cones, and stop when instructed by the starter. When the course is clear, the starter will indicate you may start. Timing starts when you trip the timing lights, not when the flag is waved, so you don't need to immediately take off like a drag strip. However, in the interest of getting as many runs for everyone into a day's event, don't sit at the line for TOO long.

Fun Runs

Fun runs may be allowed at the end of competition, time permitting, subject to approval by the Solo Board Members in attendance at that day's event. The fee for Fun Runs will be $2.00 per run. Only vehicles that passed technical inspection for the event and drivers who participated in the event will be allowed to participate in Fun Runs.


Competitors are expected to try to work out their differences in a sportsmanlike manner. If a competitor feels it necessary to protest another competitor, the fee to file a protest will be $25.00. The protest will be heard by the Solo Board Chairman and the board members in attendance at the event, or other CNYR members as deemed necessary by the Solo Board Chairman. Protests must be filed before the protested competitor begins his / her last run of the day. The protest committee will abide by the Solo Rule book for processing and administering protests and penalties.


Any act deemed un sportsmanlike, or undesirable conduct for the program will not be tolerated (speeding on event site, tire burnouts, etc.). The first offense will be disqualification from that event. Any subsequent offenses will be dealt with at the discretion of the Solo Board.

The Solo Board reserves the right to change any rule due to unforeseen circumstances.

CNY Regional Rules Supplement

Junior Driver's Program

Junior Driver's Program will be run according to the rules of the Solo Rule book Appendix G and Appendix H. In particular, all Junior Drivers must be SCCA members.

12 - 16 Year Old DRIVERS PROGRAM

  • Carts will be run together as a group with no cars on course. It is the entrant's responsibility to be present and ready when the group is called. If an entrant is not present by the end of the cart runs, he / she will receive a DNS for that run and no rerun will be granted.
  • All entrants will be required to work after each run. However, work assignments will not be on course. Other assignments may require being paired with other workers as appropriate.
  • All entrants must have at least one legal guardian present, a parent is preferred.


All provisions of the above Jr. Drivers Program apply, plus the additions below:

  • All competitors will be required to attend and pass a Jr. Driver's school before competing in a regional event. These schools will be held as sufficient interest is expressed.
  • All entrants will be required to work by helping to set up the course or with course tear down.
  • If any competitor posts three DNFs in a single event, that competitor's eligibility for competition will be reviewed by the Youth Steward and the Solo Board

3.5 Mufflers

Adequate mufflers are required for all Solo Events. The criterion of adequacy is not what the exhaust system consists of, but the sound level. Any car deemed by the Event Chairman or the Solo Board Chairman to be excessively loud shall not compete without modifications installed. In the case of sound restrictions at a particular site, maximum sound level and method of measurement will be published in the Snarling Exhaust and posted to the region's website prior to each event at that site.

Cars deemed to be too loud will be notified as soon as it becomes apparent. If the car is modified to the satisfaction of the Solo Board Chairman, it may be allowed to compete again.

3.7 Vehicle Numbers

Every attempt to accommodate a driver's permanent numbers will be made. However, only CNY members can be guaranteed use of their permanent numbers. Numbers will be assigned at registration, and numbers and class letters are available at the Technical Inspection area. Placement for maximum legibility for Timing and Scoring is required. In particular, numbers and class letters must be placed on both sides of the vehicle in a location that is easily readable by course workers. It is recommended that numbers be at least 8" tall and 1.25" wide and letters be at least 4" tall and 0.75" wide. For cars entered in Novice Class, the letter N shall follow the class letters (Example: ESN)

4.2 Entry Fees

It is required to be a SCCA member to participate in Solo events. If you are not a member, a weekend membership can be applied for at the event site, the day of the event which will cost $15. Entry fees for the event will be $25.00, resulting in a total of $40.00 for non-members. SCCA members must present a valid SCCA membership card at registration at each event entered.

4.4 Car Driver Limits

A maximum of 2 drivers will be allowed to compete in a car per event. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, this may be be adjusted on a per circumstance basis by the Solo Board Chairman. It remains a competitor's responsibility to be present and ready to run when his / her class is competing. If an entrant is not ready to run at the appropriate time he / she must notify the event chairman or solo board chairman of the reason and a decision to allow a delay in running will be made. Failure to do so will result in a DNS and no rerun will be granted.

4.6.A. Parallel Ladies Classes will not be provided.

4.6.1 Novice Class

  • A Novice Class will be provided for those who are relatively new to the sport. The intent of the Novice Class is to provide instruction and to allow newcomers to compete with those of similar skill. It is understood that even the best driver could still get better, but those with less experience need it more.
  • There are no hard and fast rules on who is eligible. General guidelines are that entrants should be in their first full season of autocrossing, must not have won more than twice in a Novice Class. For the most part, anyone who considers himself or herself a novice is welcome to enter Novice Class.
  • The Chief of Novice Program reserves the right to graduate any entrants to the appropriate Open classes. Novice Class entrants will be given a walk-through by the Chief of Novice Program (or his designee).
  • Novice Class entrants are allowed to take a registered instructor along with them on competition runs if they so choose. They may also ride as passengers with a registered instructor, with the instructor's approval.
    • A registered instructor is any experienced eligible competitor approved by the Chief of Novice Program.

4.6.2 Pro Class

A Pro Class will also be offered, designated by an "X" added to a entrant's normal open class designation. Pro class competitors will be scored based upon the PAX system

Appendix A: Championship Series Points Calculation

Members in good standing of the CNY Region, SCCA, including associate members, are eligible to accrue points for overall and individual class year-end championships. To be eligible a member must participate in a majority of CNY Solo events for the year. (e.g.: for a season with 8 events, participation in 5 events is required for eligibility). Events held by neighboring regions that have been officially designated as Out-Of-Region (OOR) events by the Solo Board may be included in accrual of points. The top 6 results (in any combination of CNY and OOR events) will be counted toward year-end points.

Year-end overall points (determined by overall PAX position) will be awarded as follows for each event: First: 50, Second: 45, Third: 41, Fourth: 38, Fifth: 36, Sixth: 35, Seventh: 34,... to a minimum of 1 point for each eligible driver.

Year-end class points will be awarded as follows for each event: First in Class: 20, Second in class: 15, Third: 12, Fourth: 10, Fifth: 8, Sixth: 6, Seventh: 4, Eighth: 2, Ninth: 1, Tenth: 1. A minimum of 1 point will be awarded for each eligible driver.

Tie breaker rule: In the event of a tie for any position in the overall points championship or in the class points championship, the following tie breakers will be used:

  1. The number of first place finishes in season for the respective championship
  2. The number of second place finishes in the season for the respective championship
  3. The number of third, fourth, fifth and likewise finishes for the respective championship
  4. In the event that there is still a tie for a position, then the final pax times for each driver in all events that season where the two tied drivers both attended will be added up for each driver. The driver with the best combined total of finishing times will be granted the better position in the championship

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