The March monthly meeting of the Central New York Region of the Sports Car Club of America was called to order at 7:15PM, Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at the American Legion Hall in Liverpool by Regional Executive Ed Leubner. Some 21 people ended up attending the session.
Leubner thanked Assistant R.E. Mark Bizzozero for handling the February membership meeting while he was out of the country for work. And Ed mentioned, for the benefit of Region treasurer Jay Cartini, that he had checked out the Carvel ice cream stand at the Riyahd airport while traveling to Saudi Arabia. Cartini denied he owned that one.
R.E. Leubner said he was working on the Region's By-Laws, apparently having been last updated some 20+ years ago. And Ed is repairing the connector on the Club's SOLO timing display. I am going to ask him to take the minutes at the next meeting to fill out his tasks.
Luebner asked for additions or corrections to the minutes for our last meeting, dutifully transcribed by Mark Mangicaro. There being none, the minutes were accepted by acclamation as posted on the Region's website.
Treasurer Cartini gave a report on the Club finances, and details show a checkbook balance at the end of February of $9513.01, of which $4428.70 are donations for the Region's needed SOLO equipment trailer. Some $475.58 in checks written are still outstanding and will shrink the bank balance when cashed. This is the time of year when frequently more money is going out than is coming in.
A.R.E. Bizzozero reported our SOLO equipment is currently dry, warm and happy, and that with the good weather we've been experiencing his wife is wondering when the shed will be cleared out so she can get to the gardening tools and supplies.
This month's Secretary Pro-Tem Jon Coffin had no report other than to offer the hope, along with other members, that our permanent Secretary Bob Holcomb will be gracing us with his presence soon.
Activities Director Ted Barbuto reported no report, but offered 50/50 tickets anyway.
SOLO Chair Scott Newton announced the 2016 autocross schedule, posted on our website (, with 10 (that's right, TEN!) events set at three venues, the Cherry Valley Kart Track in Lafayette, the Cayuga Community College campus in Fulton, and a couple of September Sundays at Central New York Raceway Park in Central Square. This is exciting news, and an ambitious and exciting schedule!
Scott proposed raising our SOLO entry fees to match a couple of other upstate regions, to $35 for members, still below a couple of other adjacent regions. A discussion followed. Finally on Scott's motion, with Rex Franklin's second, the motion passed.
Newton then talked about the SOLO trailer purchase. While donations and other fund-raising have brought in almost enough money, we're not quite there yet, and the order needs to be put in soon, very soon. The size is set at 7' by 16', with sources suggested from Georgia, Indiana and locally from Canastota. The extensive discussion covered needed features, options, durability and the associated costs.
Jon Coffin moved that the Region's Executive Committee review the choices and make the final decision. Mark Mangicaro seconded, and the motion passed.
The SOLO chair lastly mentioned that the local Jaguar Club had asked him to announce a couple of autocrosses they are planning, on the backside of the Shoppingtown area, on June 5 and August 20.
Rallycross Chief James Quattro told us about their last event, February 28, at CNYRP. It was warmish that day, and he told us of fun in tee-shirts, with hot dogs, and cars, over a long course of loose gravel. There were 14 competitors.
Concerning the new race track, James reported continuing progress in shaping the land for the half-mile oval and two-mile road course, and that the American Motorcycle Association has announced that one of its flat track series events will be at Central New York Raceway Park August 20.
Ed Leubner filled in reports for other Region officials. For Race workers, he mentioned that corner stations are being renumbered/renamed at Watkins Glen to follow the numbering pattern used for the turns. And Bob Holcomb will be working the IndyCar street race at St. Petersburg, followed by the Sebring 12-Hour.
And in Membership news, Robert Chevako, of New Woodstock, has reached the 50 year mark of membership in the SCCA, all in the Central New York Region.
In old business, Leubner thanked all our volunteers for the Auto Expo at the Syracuse Convention Center last month, and commented that it went well overall.
In new business, there's an SCCA Street Survival School coming up Saturday, May 14 at Xerox in Rochester, being organized by the Finger Lakes Region.
And, we will be part of a CNYRP display at the Motorsports Expo at the Fairgrounds shortly in March. Mike Gagliardi will show his Cobra, and Chris Murphy will be bringing his Rallycross Ford Fiesta.
James Quattro announced, that for his job, he has moved to the Burdick Ford store in Central Square as Assistant Sales Manager, and that Burdick Ford has signed up as our SOLO Series title sponsor for 2016. And, reasonably enough, he asked us to give Burdick Ford a view when we're looking for a car.
Scott Newton had a last minute mention of a high-level autocross school, an EVO School, at Monroe Community College in Rochester on Saturday, April 16. He and Mark Mangicaro are already signed up.
Ed Heffron won the 50/50, pocketing enough to cover the extra expense for autocross entries for a couple of events.
Lee Hidy moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:30 PM. The motion was passed, with a second by Ed Heffron.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Pro-Tem Jon Coffin.

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