The March 2017 monthly meeting of the Central New York Region of the Sports Car Club of America was called to order at 7:12 PM, Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at the American Legion in Liverpool, NY by Regional Executive Ed Leubner. Nineteen people were in attendance.

Ed Leubner made a motion to accept the minutes of the February meeting. The motion was seconded by Mick Levy and approved by unanimous voice vote.

Regional Executive's Report
Ed thanked Scott Newton for updating the website contact list with Chris Whaley’s information as Secretary.
It was also announced that the Motorsport Expo is March 11th & 12th, CNY will not be in attendance as a club. Mick Levy will be in attendance.
Cherry Valley updated the track surface in the bad spots with patches, extended track out portions of some corners in an effort to improve the overall track condition. The expense was covered by the Carting club.

Assistant Regional Executive's Report
A.R.E. Mark Bizzozero reminded all that the time is here for New Helmets. The new standards require helmet that meet SNELL/DOT 2015, 2010 & 2005 for Solo, Rally and Autocross. While Road racing standards allow only 2015 & 2010 SNELL rated helmets.
It is agreed that an email blast should go out to the membership.

Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Jay Cartini reviewed treasures report ytd & current month report. Account is in good standing, with new purchases such as cones, solo trailer wrap (graphics) and misc. items open. All sponsorship billings have gone out. Apex has started using new paper and is issued 4X / yr. We need to contact Apex for a Competition day at a solo event. They will do a nice write up of the event to publish in the magazine. Please remember that all fund raising must go through Jay.

Secretary's Report
Chris reached out to a member of the Mustang club and needs to speak with the president about CNY’s presence at their Saturday Cars and Coffee held at Wegmans.

Activities Report
Activities Chair Ted Barbuto announced that we will have a Pizza & Wings meeting this May with a special guest speaker to discuss topics and entertain members with their racing stories

Solo Report
Solo Chair Scott Newton stated the Solo schedule is on the website with all event being on Sunday’s except July 22nd’s out-of-region event with Finger lake region. Pricing is same as prior years: $35 for members, $50 for Non-members (this includes the $15 weekend membership fee). A special solo membership meeting is planned for April 12th at 6 pm, this will be held before the start of the regular monthly meeting. During the solo meeting discussion will be about class structure, a possible switch of the timing system. It is being consider to switch from the PAX scoring system to the RTP scoring systems which is a performance based system, as well as the late policy.

RallyCross Report
RallyCross Chair James Quattro reported that the schedule is posted on the Facebook page.
1st event was 1/22 @ CNYRP, 2nd event was a rain out, 3rd event 3/19 @ CNYRP, etc. Note that 7/7 – 7/9 is an out-of-region event, 9/10 is a joint event with the Solo group. It is important to remember that the Stock Ford Fiesta is NOT legal in Solo.

Flagging and Communications Report
Mick Levy noted that April 4th is the Green Grand Prix, WGI opening weekend is April 8th & 9th. See WGI website for specific details.

Racing Report
R.E. Leubner spoke with Bob Holcomb and he is enjoying Florida.
Road Rally Report
Frank Beyer reported that an event in Lowville is being planned for June or July, it will be a TDR rally. Frank also is a planner of the 2018 Trans America Challenge Rally ( This event allows Cars up to 1975, last 3 wks. running from Charleston, SC to Seattle Wa.

Membership Report
Members with Anniversary’s Bob Chevako - 51 yrs.

Old Business
Frank Beyer sent Dan Hurley an article about a winter road rally he participated in.
Chris Whaley still needs to contact the Mustang Club and explore CNY’s ability to have a presence at their Saturday Wegman’s gathering.

New Business
CNY’s major sponsor Burdick Ford is offering many Deals, feel free to contact James Quattro.
Solo is in need of new cones, Scott is to gather the quantity required for the next event and we will order them from National. They are a better quality and come with the SCCA logo on them.
The Solo trailer shelves are ready to install and a build party, to be held at Rex Franklin’s home, will be planned at the April meeting.
Consideration of wrapping or other graphic’s for the Solo trailer need review. How to place Sponsorship/Advertising space on the trailer. Evaluation of options such as: Size of space allowed, Cost / space and duration of sponsorship.
We should gather a list of items that are needed and place them on order, i.e Wrist bands, Administration items, etc.
The summer picnic will be scheduled at the August 9th meeting.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Frank Beyer with a sum of $14. Frank donated the proceeds back to the club.

At 8:15 PM a motion was made by Mike Donofrio to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Mick Levy and passed unanimously.

Our next regular meeting will be held Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at the American Legion in Liverpool at 7:00PM.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Whaley

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