CNYR SCCA Meeting Minutes For Wed., April 11, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:14 p.m. by R.E. Mike Donofrio.

Mike Donofrio welcomed everyone to the April meeting and as he didn't have a report of his own, he asked for the meeting to start with the ASST.R.E. Report from Ed Leubner.

Ed Leubner said that the absent Activities Director Rob Sgarlata had asked Ed to look into checking with Lee Hidy about reserving the Onondaga Yacht Club for our annual August
Lee was also absent so that request was tabled.
Ed reported that Rob was having mechanical issues with his Miata and was home playing Miata mechanic.
Rumor has it that if Rob keeps breaking his Miata, he will be banished back to his Subaru group.
Beyond that, except for saying that he would be doing a track day with another group soon, Ed had nothing more to report.

Jay Cartini said that all bills to advertisers and sponsors are out and revenues are slowly coming in.
We may have a new advertising sponsor soon, currently un-named, a car dealer in the area of the Mohawk Valley.
Jay said the Rally Cross program is producing more revenue than in 2011 and the trend seems to be for a larger number of entrants per event as word gets out to other areas about
our program, particularly the events held at the Walczyk Farm.
Jay said that the insurance on our SOLO van is due soon and he is awaiting the bill.
Rex Franklin asked if would be of any financial advantage to dropping ins. on the van during the winter months, but with Rally Cross running more winter events Jay said that
would be more trouble than it was worth as the van is used for SOLO and Rally Cross.

Bob Holcomb, back from 3 months of Florida "Snowbirding" thanked Jon Coffin for taking the meeting minutes while he was soaking up the Florida sunshine (and working the
Double Rational weekend at Homestead-Miami in mid-January and the Rolex 24HRS at Daytona at the end of January).
Bob asked that the meeting minutes for March be approved as they appeared in the April issue of Snarling Exhaust. Mike Bizzozero seconded, motion carried.
Bob also mentioned that he had copies of newspapers from Daytona and from The Villages with articles and photos covering the Rolex 24HRS and the Daytona 500 weekends, along
with a local go-kart dirt track.
The articles and photos showed what could be done regarding race coverage at the Syracuse Post-Standard, but is basically non-existent there.

Mark Bizzozero reported a change in the SOLO schedule for 2012.
There will be an event on May 20th at the Midstate Microd Track which is near Groton/Cortland.
Basically take the Homer exit of I-81, go left and at a "vee", right near airport, then a steep hill to the left. Safest bet, GOOGLE "MIDSTATE MICROD CLUB" or contact Mark (phone
available from Snarling Exhaust).
An event on Sunday June 10th will be at Shoppingtown Mall.
Extensive discussion followed Marks' question as to whether we should pay $1,788 for a Sept. 16th date at the New York State Fairgrounds (which would require approx. 90 entrants
to break even), or change the venue to the Shoppingtown Mall, a savings of about $1,500.
Financially, Shoppingtown seemed the obvious bet, but it was decided that with the best asphalt lot between Buffalo and Albany, the Fairgrounds might attract a larger number of
entrants as there was nothing else on the SOLO schedule, so far, for that date.
A second date of October 14th was also mentioned for Shoppingtown should we got with the September date for the Fairgrounds.
No positive decision was made but everyone was leaning towards the Fairgrounds with Shoppingtown as an October backup.

Jim Quattro said that our February event at the Walczyk farm had 23 entrants and our March event, 28 entrants, a good improvement over many events in 2011.
Many entrants have been coming based on word of mouth from others, not just locally, but as far away as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
Jim reported a new Safety Steward for Rally Cross, Jeremy Keck from Pennsylvania.

Both Mike Gagliardi and Bruce Parker were absent.
Jay Cartini said he believes work is being done on certification from SCCA for the Central New York Raceway Park in Brewerton.
Dave Kicak has been in contact with National in Topeka regarding sanctioning proceedure for a race but nothing has transpired as they are currently looking into updating their
Once SCCA gives approval to the track, then CNYR can work with Glen, WNY, Mo-Hud, etc. on scheduling events with CNYRP.
Much discussion followed including the following.
Karl Hughes said if SCCA does not sanction the track, events will be held there regardless, as other organizations such as NASA, car clubs, etc. will take up available dates.
Rex Franklin said the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Assoc. has said that they would be willing to help out with a time trial event at the trace.
Jon Coffin mentioned setting up a "starter event" at the track as a possibility.
Dave Kicak suggested a committee to assist Mike & Bruce.
Mike Donofrio asked how many for the committee and what would their duties be?
Dave Kicak then said we need to check with Mike & Bruce and see what they feel their needs will be, then proceed from there.
Mick Levy and Bob Holcomb offered to help with F&C.

Rob Sgarlata was absent.
Ed Leubner gave the report as part of his Asst.R.E. Report.
Mick Levy reported on the upcoming season at Watkins Glen, which starts April 21st & 22nd with a track day for car clubs and other groups.
Five SCCA events are scheduled:
Glen Reg: May 25, 26, 27.
Glen Nat: July 5, 6, 7, 8.
Glen Reg: July 20, 21, 22.
Finger Lakes Reg: Sept. 14, 15, 16.
Glen Reg: Oct. 5, 6, 7.
Bob Holcomb said he has articles that will appear in the May Snarling Exhaust concerning working the Homestead-Miami Dbl Rational and the Rolex 24HRS of Daytona.
Mick briefly discussed working events out west and how they reimburse workers with either money or gas cards.

Scott Newton said he has a list and web link available for possible SOLO venues.
You can contact Scott from Snarling Exhaust.
Current potential venues include Syracuse, Watertown, Rome areas and more.

Mick Levy said that Nationally licensed F&C SCCA members are being contacted about working the new Formula-1 race to be held in Austin, TX in 2012 and that he and Bob Holcomb
have been contacted.
Karl Hughes thanked Mark Bizzozero for obtaining Hot Wheels copies of his BMW and of a go-kart.
Jim Quattro said some items were found when he and Mark Bizzozero cleaned out the SOLO van recently, including an old first aid kit. Rex Franklin said it was an very old kit he
found in a car he purchased. It was suggested by Jim that money for a new kit be approved by the region.

Motion to adjourn was made by Ed Heffron and seconded by Rex Franklin, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

Submitted by:
Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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