Meeting Minutes For CNYR SCCA, Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:14 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.

Scott welcomed all in attendance, which was pleasantly larger than normal.
Other than mentioning that the SOLO van had received a full clean out/clean up the previous Sunday, Scott had nothing more to report at this time.

Ed Leubner asked about making a place for suggestions on SOLO forms that may include such things as improvements for tech inspection, things to be included at driver meetings and responsibilities at specialty stations.
Jay Cartini suggested the forms be laminated and will check prices at Kinko or another such location.
Mike Donofrio thought there was a laminating machine stored in the SOLO van, which may or may not be in working order.
Scott Newton requested that any specialty chief let him know if they need supplies ordered.

Bob Holcomb had nothing new to report as secretary.
Bob did report that he had worked four race weekends while snow-birding in Florida, an SCCA at Palm Beach, the Daytona ROLEX 24HR, an SCCA at Sebring with wife Nancy and the Sebring IMSA/ALMS 12HR.

Mick Levy mentioned the upcoming Chump Car weekend at Watkins Glen.
Karl Hughes and Jon Coffin are entered in Karl's BMW.
Scott Newton reminded those in attendance that you can now "spectate" at the new metal grandstands that replaced the old concrete Red/White/Blue grandstands near the old start/finish line.
This is located on the outside of the track and is available for many events that would normally be closed to the general public.

Mark Bizzozero issued a thank you to all who helped in the SOLO van clean up.
Improvements were made to the van, including fixing the steps and working on the timing display.
Ed Heffron asked if there was new labeling for the items stored in the van and to date there is not.
The next SOLO will be at Shoppingtown Mall on April 28th.
Anyone that would like to help with set up on the 27th is more than welcome.
A question was raised about the now closed MAGNA or New Process Gear parking lot but that may not be a viable venue.
Mark Bizzozero asked Jon Coffin to check on trophies for SOLO.
Scott Newton mentioned that the region is now down to three helmets that meet current SOLO safety standards.
Joe Zingaro and Bruce Parker will check to see if they have any extra helmets that the region may use until they can obtain new helmets.

Jim Quattro said Rally Cross will now be using it's own cones for events instead of borrowing from SOLO.
New England Region uses smaller, cheaper cones and that might be an option.
Jim had a conference call with Divisional Rally Cross Stewards and he thought by the comments that SCCA may be turning back toward traditional Rally programs.
Our next event, a Divisional Rally Cross, is scheduled for May 18th and 19th at Central New York Raceway Park.
Further information will be available on our web site.
Jim Quattro asked if the idea of a car show to raise revenue for Rally Cross was of interest?
Several members discouraged this based on groups they were involved with that had sponsored shows.
The general comment, much work for little return.

Mike Gagliardi reported that things are proceeding slowly for Central New York Raceway Park as required paperwork and financing are being worked on.
There will be a meeting in the near future, probably called on a last minute basis, to update the public.

Jay Cartini said all bills sent to sponsors have been paid with the exception of one and they will soon have "the check in the mail".
A question was raised as to how much sponsors were charged and Jay said it varied based on the program but generally ran between $500 and $1,000 per year depending if it included naming rights.

Rob Sgarlata asked Lee Hidy to look into the availability of the Onondaga Yacht Club for our annual August picnic.
Lee said he would do so.
Scott Newton said that the previous meeting held at the kart track at DestiNY went well and may be considered again.
Approximately 20 members attended the event.
Bruce Parker won the 50-50 for $18.


A question was brought up about accepting credit cards for entry fees at SOLO events, Rally Cross, etc.
The suggestion was that many people carry credit cards vs. cash and it would make it easier for entrants.
Such programs as "SQUARE" are available and this may be looked into.

Lee Hidy moved the meeting be adjourned, Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:34 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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