Meeting Minutes For CNYR SCCA, Wed. May 9, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:17 p.m. by R.E. Mike Donofrio.

Mike Donofrio welcomed all to the May meeting and lacking a formal report, reminded those members present that live in the Cicero-North Syracuse School District that he is
running for an opening on the CNS Board of Education.
This was duly noted by the affected members who had been enjoying pizza and wings prior to the start of the meeting.

Ed Leubner was absent as he was out of town on business.
Mike Donofrio mentioned that Ed had recently taken part in an HPDE driving event at Watkins Glen and was very thrilled with the experience.
A future article for Snarling Exhaust of his experience was promised via e-mail.

Jay Cartini reported that our three major sponsors are set with the recent payment from Skaneateles Jewelers, joining J&J Automotive and Burdick Scion.

Bob Holcomb moved that approval of the April meeting minutes be delayed until they appear in Snarling Exhaust. Rex Franklin seconded, motion passed.
Snarling Exhaust editor Dustin Ehrich was absent so no release date for the April issue was available.
Bob indicated he would have further items to discuss under old and new business.

Rob Sgarlata asked Lee Hidy if a date for our annual August picnic at the Onondaga Yacht Club had been confirmed.
Lee said he had left a message and was waiting for a reply.
Later in the meeting Lee received a confirmation and the date will be Wed., August 8th.
Jay Cartini asked if anyone objected to using the same catering service as in 2011.
All agreed that they were satisfied with that and Jay will contact him to set the date and menu.

Mark Bizzozero said the next event will be held Sunday, May 20th at the Microd track in Groton, NY.
He gave thanks to Mike Donofrio and Leo Sawyer for meeting with him and helping prep the track, including trimming grass and filling in portions of asphalt.
Mark did say the starting time has been moved back by one hour and will be so noted on our web-site and via e-mail. Registration is to start at 9 a.m. with the first car off at 11
The next event will be at Shoppingtown Mall on Sunday, June 10th. No starting time was given.
Mark has also looked into the former Griffis Air Base and is awaiting a reply from them.
Lee Hidy mentioned he is getting information on staging a SOLO at Fort Drum to help benefit the troops stationed there. More information to follow as it becomes available.

Jim Quattro said that he has obtained more trophies and medals to use for 2012.
We will have a Rally Cross on Sunday, June 3rd following the STPR Rally in Pennsylvania.

Mick Levy reported that the Glen Region is hold a regional race at WGI over Memorial weekend.
Also that the national race in July will include the Trans-Am series.
Mick said he enjoyed working the Mini-Indy kart race held in Williamsport, PA at the end of April, a fun time with proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Frank Beyer said that without much publicity, New York State is becoming a hot bed for performance rally, with a total of 4 events scheduled for 2012, one of which has already
been held.
Most are in the Catskill region.
Frank said he is hopeful that interest can be developed into getting a viable rally program re-established through CNYR SCCA.

Andrew Beyer was absent, no report.

David Kicak has been looking into requirements for CNYR to run a race.
The Central New York Raceway Park between Brewerton & Central Square would be considered as a location, however ground breaking is still underway at this point in time.
David asked if anyone had an update on things there.
Jay Cartini said that according to his sources, all properties have been acquired, proper permits filed and construction should be under way by July, with a proposed opening of
spring, 2013.
David continued that with so many race groups in SCCA it would be best to plan on starting with a Regional or Drivers School and a core group of CNYR members need to be formed
for the required specialties.

Bob Holcomb asked what was the status of our merchandise?
Rex Franklin said he had assorted merchandise in a bin at his house and would be happy to bring any merchandise that members request to a meeting.
Bob suggested that the merchandise should be made available at each monthly meeting, along with each SOLO and Rally Cross event.
Leo Sawyer suggested putting an ad in Snarling Exhaust listing what merchandise is available.
Mike Donofrio added that it could be included on our web-site via a link.
Lee Hidy asked if the region was still distributing anniversary pins at the annual awards dinner?
This is separate from the name plates issued through National.
This will be looked into.

Bob Holcomb mentioned that a representative from the Liverpool American Legion said that any CNYR SCCA member that would like to enter a car in the Liverpool Memorial Day
Parade was welcome to do so and that even competition vehicles would be considered.
Bob also said that he is trying to get local racer Brandon Kidd from Manlius to come to a future meeting and discuss his experience at a driving school and at a Miata race in
Brandon is best known as a round track racer and this is his first road racing experience.
David Kicak asked if we would be holding a kart night at Cherry Valley this year.
Jay Cartini will look into available dates.
David also asked about the status of returning to view the car collection at Giambatista's Railroad Construction after an incident there during our November, 2011 meeting.
Rex Franklin said still a negative for any return visit.

50-50 RAFFLE:
Won by Rob Sgarlata for $13.

Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Mark Bizzozero, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb,

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