The meeting was called to order at 7:19 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.
Scott Newton welcomed all to the meeting.
He gave congratulations to new dads Evan Haas, Dustin Erhlich, and Dan Cech.
Scott mentioned that he and Leo Sawyer competed in a SOLO at the St. Lawrence Motorsports Park located near Morristown the weekend of May 4th and 5th.
It was sponsored by the Sports Car Club of Vermont and had limited entries which gave each entrant numerous runs, up to 30 per Scott.
The next event there for SCCV will be over Labor Day weekend.
Jon Coffin said he believes the web site is
Ed Leubner said he worked the Chump Car weekend at Watkins Glen as a Pit Marshal and had a good time, despite the cold, windy, wet weather.
Mick Levy at Start/Finish and Bob Holcomb in F&C also worked the event.
Ed said he also attended a recent two day "Track Day" event at Watkins Glen and enjoyed that as well.
Bob Holcomb made a motion that the meeting minutes for April be approved as they appeared on our web-site.
Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried.
Bob said that he had contact information for anyone who wants to enter their race car in the July Syracuse Nationals car show at the New York State Fairgrounds.
The contact is: Ken Kumeiga at 716-698-4711.
Bob also mentioned that the Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen currently has a Porsche 917 on display done in Martini-Rossi colors.
Jay Cartini announced that we have a new Autocross sponsor, Brian Heffron.
Brian has a business that specializes in advertising and marketing along with a graphics company and will be happy to create the right image for your race (or street) vehicle.
Mick Levy reported that SCCA has five events at Watkins Glen starting May 24th to 26th and including July 4th to 7th, July 19th to 21st, Sept. 13th to 15th and ending with Oct. 4th to 6th.
Other events include the Rolex 6 HR June 28th to 30th, SVRA June 7th to 9th and SVRA again in Sept. from the 4th to 8th.
Bob Holcomb said the June, 2013 issue of Grassroots Motorsports has an article on the recent ROLEX-ALMS merger. A full schedule for 2014 should be available mid-June but it will include the Daytona 24HR, Sebring 12HR, Watkins Glen 6HR and a race at Road Atlanta.
Scott Newton said the same issue contained a comparison article on SOLO tires and that the B.F.Goodrich g-Force RIVAL tire faired very well.
Mark Bizzozero said the first event of the year was held at Shoppingtown and went very well with 48 entrants.
Scott Newton said he appointed a new head of registration for SOLO, Randy Humphreys.
The next event will be at the Cherry Valley kart track on June 2nd with Mike Donofrio as chief for the event.
Jim Quattro said the next event will be at Central NY Raceway Park near Brewerton on May 18 & 19.
It will be a National Challenge event and a double regional for the local crowd.
Jim is hoping for an entry field of up to 50.
Rally Cross now has it's own cones and will no longer need to borrow them from the SOLO program.
Jim said he will be co-driving at the STRP event in Pennsylvania the weekend of June 2nd.
Scott Newton said he has the sanctioning paperwork for the event.
Jim said Rolling Wheels is now too expensive to hold a Rally Cross event.
Jim also mentioned that SCCA Pro Racing will be sanctioning Global Rally Cross events.
Mike Gagliardi said that Central New York Raceway Park is continuing, slowly to do the paper trail necessary to get things up and running. Financing arrangements continue, environmental impact studies are being submitted and a public hearing on the track impact should be held soon.
Scott Newton said the NY Safety Track near Oneonta recently held their first event after having the second course paved. It was apparently a semi-track day event.
A new private track in the Hudson Valley area was looked into, but it is strictly a one man operation and he did not seem interested in renting the track per Scott.
Rob Sgarlata said we are set for the August 14th picnic date at the Onondaga Yacht Club and he is working on a location for our end of year banquet.
The 50-50 Raffle was won by Brian Heffron for $14.
Mick Levy said he has heard about a small private car collection near Auburn that might be available as a meeting site and will look into it and report on it at an upcoming meeting.
Mick Levy said former member Mike Fuller still has several boxes of region paperwork and would like to know if someone will pick them up or if he should dispose of them. This will be looked into.
Mike Gagliardi made a motion to adjourn.
Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.
Submitted by Bob Holcomb, Secretary.

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