CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by R.E. Ed Leubner.

R.E.REPORT: Ed Leubner welcomed everyone to the May meeting and noted a new face in the crowd, which turned out to be CNYR member Rick Shaunnessey (please accept any apologies if spelled wrong), a long time member but rare attendee.

Ed asked for a motion to accept the April meeting minutes as they appear on our website. After the usual curmudgeoning comments from the usual suspect about wanting a printed version vs. electronic, Jay Cartini made a motion to accept and in a tie, the second went to Ed Heffron over Mark Mangicaro, the motion carried approving the minutes.

Ed mentioned that he had been to a track session at Watkins Glen in late April and that he was very impressed with the repaving that was done last fall. He said the surface was very smooth and dried quickly after rains with fewer areas of flowing water or collected water than in the past.

Ed also mentioned that he observed a relatively new AUDI TT that survived it’s time on track then suffered damage in a hotel parking lot when an errant wheel hit it square in a door.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini thanked everyone who attended services for his father Carl who passed in April, saying it was very much appreciated by the family.

Jay asked that anyone still having TV Raffle tickets to help fund the new SOLO trailer please turn them in as they want to hold the raffle at the upcoming Cherry Valley event on May 15th.

We currently have an adjusted balance of $9,937.79 in our account. Income cash balance includes $3,253.70 set in reserve for the trailer.

M&T Bank did a search for the region and found that we were chartered under articles of corporation in 1952 with founding members G. Fleming, B. Ford, D. Allen and W. Ball.

Jay also brought up purchasing a subscription to Apex Automobiles Magazine which covers many forms of automotive interests and has been offering coverage of CNYR events. It is given out free at some events but offers a year subscription for $65 which includes 35 copies each month. Jay felt the issues could be given out at SOLO, Rally Cross, etc.

Jay made a motion to take out the subscription, Mark Mangicaro got the nod on the second this time, motion carried.

ASST. R.E. REPORT: Mark Bizzozero was happy to report that he will be running his MINI vs. his Prius at the upcoming Cherry Valley SOLO on May 15th.

He thanked Scott Newton for helping sort through and organize stored equipment for the next SOLO.

SECRETARY REPORT: Bob Holcomb thanked Jon Coffin and Mark Mangicaro for taking the meeting minutes while he was forced to endure the sunny, warm Central Florida weather all winter.

Bob said that although he did fewer races this winter than last winter, he did F&C at the SCCA MAJORS at Homestead, the Daytona 24 HRS, the St. Pete IRL/Pirelli WEC and the Sebring 12 HRS.

Bob also discussed the track resurfacing at Watkins Glen and offered track maps to the members showing the renumbered flag stations which now more closely match the actual turn numbers of the track. He also mentioned how smooth the track surface appeared at the recent Allegheny PCA weekend.

Runoff gutters have been installed to help drain certain areas of the track prone to running water or pooling water during and post rain.

Bob also said that this would be his last stint as Secretary for CNYR as he and his wife will be selling their home in Liverpool and moving to Florida full time this summer. It was not quite clear if the cheers were for a job well done, or for the fact that he will finally be leaving the area.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Ted Barbuto reported that our annual summer picnic will be held on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at the Onondaga Yacht Club at Onondaga Lake.

Ted asked for input on renaming the event to something like: The CNYR SCCA Picnic & Car Show, with additional updates such as “2nd annual”, etc. Some discussion followed but it was generally thought to be a good idea especially with the number of walkers that pass the location during the picnic.

Ted said that previously Bob Holcomb had suggested having a speaker for the event and asked if that sounded like a good idea and many seemed to agree. The name of local racer Brandon Kidd was mentioned and Bob Holcomb said he would contact Brandon’s Godfather about having him come to speak with us.

Time and pricing and who may attend the picnic will be finalized at a later time, it was generally felt that the more the merrier.

SOLO REPORT: Scott Newton reported that he had just received packages from National for SOLO and it appears we will have a minimum of five events this season.

He thanked Ed Leubner for fixing our timing display.

Rex Franklin reported that a local Porsche group recently purchased new timing equipment. Much discussion followed and it appears they will bring that equipment to our Cherry Valley event more as a test of the equipment than to use. More of a test it, compare with our equipment, which apparently is about the same per Ed Leubner.

Scott wants to buy more batteries for the timing gear for use as back ups.

Mark Mangicaro reported that Glen Region has new timing equipment and Scott said it is “wireless”.

Scott said the new SOLO trailer will not be ready for the Cherry Valley SOLO as it is still under construction, but should be available before Memorial Weekend. He also mentioned that there will be a very informal gathering at Cherry Valley for fun runs on Monday of Memorial Weekend.

Rex Franklin said he has the shelving from the old SOLO van if we need it for the new trailer.

Scott is looking for two new timers as our former timers will no longer be available. He also said that Mark Mangicaro will be the new Grid Chair.

Ed Leubner mentioned new helmet stickers and that the Porsche Club equipment is a wired system like ours. It was also mentioned that our current 2000 rated club helmets will be good through this season.

RALLY CROSS REPORT: Jim Quattro said our May 1st event was successful with 19 entrants at the Walczyk Farm and included a newbie to Rally Cross, Karl Hughes, who apparently did not have the best “on track” day, but gave it a good try in his ice racer. The weather was wet, the track muddy.

The next event will be at Wellsboro, PA for Susquehana Trail Rally the weekend of June 5th.

Jay Cartini noted that Nate Walczyk donated his usual track rental fee to our SOLO trailer fund which was met with much approval and thanks from the membership.

CNYRP REPORT: Jim Quattro said he has not met with the folks there recently and some members noted that construction there seems to have stopped. Some discussion followed but the dirt track should be ready by August for an event as there is much going on but not being publicized.

OLD BUSINESS: Ed Leubner reported that the updates for our By-Laws are being worked on and reminded the members that any and all suggestions will be welcomed and considered.

Jon Coffin said that we need a SOLO Safety Steward class but he cannot do one during June or July.

Ed Leubner questioned if one was needed this year and much discussion about current licensing followed. Any questions regarding this need to be addressed either through National or Jon said to possibly check with Brian Reeves in Rochester.

NEW BUSINESS: Rick (now out of hiding) mentioned the June 19, 2016 European Car Show to be held on the grounds of the Lorenzo Historic Site in Cazenovia. Admission is free and there will be loads of gorgeous cars to look at. He had brochures for the event and information on the MG Car Club, which he said actually takes in many makes of automobiles and is really a social group doing dinners out and cruises, etc.

Ed Leubner said that Jeffrey’s Autobody will be holding a cars and coffee on Saturday, May 21, 2016 from approximately 9am to 1pm. A usual turnout of 200 cars is not out of expectation and it was noted that a booth location was offered to CNYR for the event. Mark Mangicaro said he has an e-z up and invited members to bring a car, or a kart to the event and have at least one person staff it to answer questions on SCCA and our activities.

F&C REPORT: Mick Levy said that they held a portion of the Green Grand Prix recently held at Watkins Glen and he will have further information at our June meeting. Other than that, much was already covered with Bob Holcomb’s report on the track and activities.

Leo Sawyer and Jon Coffin mentioned that there are still a couple openings for St. Lawrence Motor Sports Park SOLO event this coming Sunday, May 15, 2016, but Saturday is full. Costs are between $75 to $85 and may include double digit numbers for runs each day. Check the following web-site for this or other events, SCCV.ORG .

50-50: The 50-50 was won by Jon Coffin for a pocket filling $11.

ADJOURN: Rex Franklin made a motion to adjourn and the 2nd is credited to Scott Newton, motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Submitted by:
Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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