CNYR SCCA Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:18 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.
R.E.REPORT: Scott Newton reported that he had recently attended a Cars & Coffee gathering near Cicero where car enthusiasts gather to view and discuss cars and found it very interesting.
Scott said the club has a Facebook listing.
Scott also reported that SOLO driver Mike Wilson recently won first overall at a “Super Shootout” held in Mass, winning both his class and the bracket run off.
Nelson Ledges road course is apparently closed until further notice, with the possible exception of a Finger Lakes Region event in late June. Pavement deterioration is given as one reason for the closing.
SCCA National has issued a statement of “no drones” at events.
Much discussing followed on this topic with much speculation as to the reasoning, although insurance liability and privacy issues are more than likely two of them.
Sec. Bob Holcomb adding that at Watkins Glen there are new signs posted stating “no drones” or “Chinese lanterns”, so it is something to look for at each track or event.
ASST.R.E.REPORT: Ed Leubner reported that he had help crew at the Watkins Glen Chump Car event held the weekend of May 23rd to 25th.
Karl Hughes, Jon Coffin and Mike Donofrio co-drove and had an interesting, if somewhat frustrating series of races, finishing (approx.) 7th of 89 on Fri., 75th of 83 on Sat. and 5th of 69 on Sunday.
A few typical racing issues made their finishes a bit lower than they had hoped.
Mike Donofrio said he lost a driver side mirror running side by side through the esses.
Jon Coffin and Mike said on Sunday a 4th place finish was negated by a slight miscalculation in refueling, coming up about a quart shy on the final lap.
Ed also reported that CNY member Andrew Beyer helped crew for member Dave Kicak, although with another team.
John Walsh, SCCA Board Chair was also seen helping crew for a team and apparently taking mental notes for SCCA racing programs.
SECRETARY REPORT: Bob Holcomb asked for a motion to accept the May meeting minutes as they appeared on the CNYR web-site. Ted Barbuto so moved, Jay Cartini seconded, motion carried.
Bob offered congratulations to Ed Heffron on his wife Diana’s 30 years of membership come June 15th and said he would add to things discussed during the F&C report.
TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini said bills are current and had nothing more for his report.
F&C REPORT: Mick Levy strongly urged any drivers who have not tried F&C or had not done so in a long time to come to any of the 4 SCCA events scheduled at Watkins Glen to help get a better perspective from our side of the fence. Observing from the cold side can aid them in understanding different lines, braking points, apexes, etc.
Then there is the fact that we are desperately short of F&C people and driver/crew participation on flag stations would help our specialty man/woman more stations.
The SCCA events at Watkins Glen include the following: SCCA MAJORS, July 4th to 6th, Glen Region regional July 9th & 10th, Finger Lakes Fun One Sept. 13th & 14th and Glen Region regional on Oct. 3rd , 4th and 5th. Anyone interested can contact Mick.
Bob Holcomb reported that he had declined an offer to become the F&C Chief for Race Services, Inc. which normally provides the workers for weekend events at Watkins Glen.
RALLY CROSS REPORT: Scott Newton reported that Rally Cross is currently in need of a Chief of Specialty.
As a result, nothing definite is on our Rally Cross schedule at this time.
Jim Quattro, former Rally Cross Chief has stepped down from that position, although he did end up running the recent STRP event in Wellsboro, PA as a charity event with proceeds going to a group involved in rescuing pit bulls.
Jay Cartini said recent events had barely enough entrants to break even, so we will need to evaluate whether the program can be financially viable enough to continue it as a CNYR sponsored group.
SOLO REPORT: Mark Bizzozero said that the May 18th event at the Microd track in Groton was wet, but fun and shortened due to the weather and deterioration of the asphalt surface with the 23 entrants getting an average of 5 runs each.
Our next event will be June 22nd at the NYS Fairgrounds, Rob Sgarlata will be the event chair with set up on June 21st. Anyone that can help with set up please contact Rob.
MUCH discussion concerning potential SOLO locations followed with some apparent progress being made, if only with contacts vs. actual commitments.
Locations include the old K-Mart Plaza in Fulton, the Fulton County Airport and possibly a location on Ft. Drum near Watertown.
Scott Newton said he received an e-mail from the R.E. of the St. Louis Region concerning Ft. Drum and that will be looked into.
Lee Hidy mentioned that there are training sites used in Florida for things such as police high speed pursuit, etc. and wondered if that type of location could be looked into for the CNY area.
Bob Holcomb said he could contact some Central Florida and Florida Region people he has met over the past few winters in Florida to see if they had information on what organization they contacted for test training location use.
CNYRP UPDATE: Mike Gagliardi said the meeting for all permitting is set for July 8th with an official ground breaking date to follow. He will let Scott Newton know so it can be posted on our web-site.
Rumor has it that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be attending the ground breaking.
Mike also said that the annual Concours d’Elegance held at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY is scheduled for July 12th with the feature marque being Corvette.
50/50: Rob Sgarlata absent, no drawing.
ADJOURNMENT: Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn, Rex Franklin seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.
Submitted by Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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