CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by R.E. Ed Leubner at 7:13 p.m.

R.E. REPORT: R.E. Ed Leubner welcomed all to the June meeting, including Mick Evans who I believe is from the Little Falls area and has connections to the Flying Lizard racing team.
Ed said he had tee-shirts available with plain SCCA logos or SCCA SOLO logos and members could see him if they are interested in purchasing them.
Ed asked for a motion that the May meeting minutes be approved as they appeared on our web site and Leo Sawyer so moved, Mark Mangicaro seconded, motion passed.
Ed also mentioned that the latest Snarling Exhaust is available on our web site.
Scott Newton said that there is a new format on Nationals web-site for adding volunteer time and there appears to be some bugs in the system which are being worked on.
Ed said that National sends him e-mails about prospective members and that he has been sending e-mails to those individuals, in this case one in Clayton, NY and one in Fayetteville, NY.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini said that all monies are in from Rally Cross and the latest SOLO.
Also weekend member forms are in.
Jay also requested that anyone with bills please turn them in.
Bob Holcomb asked for information on our actual treasury figures, the prior month ending balance, expenses since then, income since then and current balance, etc.
Discussion followed and a motion was made by Jon Coffin to provide these figures on at least a quarterly basis plus a year ending accounting. Mick Levy seconded and the motion was passed.

ASST.R.E. REPORT: Mark Bizzozero said he had renewed his membership and in so doing noticed that we have a member from Quebec on our listing with the name of Gilles Villeneuve…other than that he had no addition report.

SECRETARY REPORT: Bob Holcomb said he had nothing new to report.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Ted Barbuto reminded those in attendance that our annual picnic is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12th at the Onondaga Yacht club in Liverpool, starting at 6 p.m.
He requested that members who bring cars for display to the hundreds of walkers, bikers and runners that pass the yacht club on the Onondaga Park walk-run-bike area to bring numbers to attach to the cars.
Lee Hidy reminded the members to make sure and remove the numbers before exiting the yacht club so the Liverpool Police Dept. would not think a race event was going through the village.
It was suggested that we have an SCCA banner on display at the picnic.

SOLO REPORT: Scott Newton said that our recent day/nite SOLO was a success, held at Cherry Valley.
There was no rain until around 8:30 p.m.
Scott reported approx. 46 day entrants and 19 for the evening.
During the evening event the rain was heavy enough that the foam barriers along the track actually were moved onto the track surface causing a red flag although Scott said that they did get in three runs in the dark, wet conditions.
Next up is the New York State Fairgrounds on June 28th.
Our SOLO van is currently back at J&J awaiting further repair and that it will hopefully be moved from there to the NYSF Grounds in time for the upcoming SOLO.
New flags for the SOLO van are being made by Mark Bizzozero’s mother-in-law.
Leo Sawyer suggested a call to the NYSF staff to remind them that members will be there to set the course on Saturday. Karl Hughes said he would help organize the set up Sat.
Scott Newton reported he had won a bid from OCC for liners as our old liner was beyond repair.
The winning bid was $120.

Ed Leubner suggested new first aid kits for the SOLO and RALLY CROSS groups.

Jim Quattro said he had a kit at home.

RALLY CROSS REPORT: Jim Quattro suggested the kits be based on Rally Car kits which he said are compact yet contain all the necessary items for basic use. Apparently National is formulating regulations for first aid kits.
Jim asked about having a medical trainer and Mick Levy said he would check with member Andrew Beyer.
Jim reported that there were 40 entrants at the recent Wellsboro, PA event and despite a slight course modification all had a good time.
Our next event will be July 12th at Central NY Raceway Park in Central Square.
There is also an event scheduled for July 1st at Rolling Wheels Raceway starting at 6 p.m. with Jim as chair and will be under the American Rally Cross group (formerly Rally America Rally Cross) using Rally Cars.
Glen Donnelly wants CNYR SCCA represented with a booth.
Ed Leubner asked if there had been any more information on the incident with a roll over at our event at CNYRP earlier and Jim said he would again e-mail National to see if there was any additional information needed.

F&C REPORT: Mick Levy said that Bob Holcomb would be FM on Sat. June 13, 2015 at Watkins Glen for the BMW Genesee event.
Mick reminded the members of the upcoming Tudor Series 6 HR weekend at WGI with the actual dates of June 24 through June 28th.
That will be followed by the SCCA MAJORS Super Tour over the July 4th weekend.

CNYRP: Mike Gagliardi said that work is progressing and more equipment is visible on the grounds.
Rex Franklin said he observed a lot of dirt has been moved.
For any SCCA race at CNYRP, CNYR would need help from Finger Lakes and/or Glen Region as it requires a lot of planning and experience we currently don’t have.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Ed Leubner asked if our listed Membership Chair, Andrew Beyer is still active?
Mick Levy said Andrew is very busy with work.
Ted Barbuto said he heard at Cherry Valley that some entrants with new VW’s had an SCCA membership included in the purchase price.

COMPETITION: Jon Coffin and Karl Hughes reported a very successful Chump Car weekend at Watkins Glen from May 22nd to the 24th, with 4 HR finish of 22nd, 8 HR of 8th and 6 HR of 6th and first in class for the latter two.
Next up is Calaboogie Chump Car the weekend of June 20th.
Jon chaired a SOLO Safety Steward meeting prior to our regular business meeting and said that they had 3 non-licensed attendees plus 4 licensed who were taking the meeting as a refresher course.
For those interested and not in attendance at the meeting, Jon said he had extra information after the regular meeting.
Mike Gagliardi reported that at a recent SCCA event in New Hampshire Mike Gould and Jack Dinehart won both races they entered in their class.
Jon Coffin reported that Ed Tucker (Chump Car) will be traveling to Pikes Peak for the hill climb with three electric racers, which apparently are SRF chassis based.
Jon also mentioned a letter from Frank Beyer that recently appeared in a BMW Club magazine which Jon had available for members to check out.


NEW BUSINESS: Frank Beyer reported the Trans-Am Rally would be departing Nova Scotia and running to San Francisco, passing through Old Forge, the Tug Hill area, Parish and Fulton on Friday, June 12th.
Cars from the 20’s, 30’s and into the 60’s will be running the rally, including Bentley, Jag, Mercedes and Rolls Royce, so lots of eye candy for gear heads.
The entries include teams from the USA, the UK, Australia, Malaysia and the Netherlands among others.
50-50: The 50-50 was won by Lee Hidy for $12, which should put enough gas in his step van to get him back home for the evening.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Gagliardi, seconded by Scott Newton, motion passed, meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.

Submitted by:
Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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