CNYR SCCA Meeting Minutes For Wed., July 13, 2011

The meeting was called to order by R.E. Mike Donofrio at 7:16 p.m.

R.E. Report:
Mike Donofrio welcomed all to the July meeting and discussed our June meeting, which was actually an informal gathering at the Cherry Valley Kart Track west of Lafayette, NY on Rte 20.
Mike was pleased with the turnout and believed a fun time was had by all, despite the 97F temps of the day.
Someone asked about the power of the karts used and Ed Heffron said he thought they ran roughly 12 to 14 hp in the configuration used that evening.
Mike Donofrio won the feature race, redeeming his DSQ from 2 years ago for jumping the start.
Jay Cartini won the most unconcealed attempt at cheating award by blatantly short cutting portions of the track on 3 separate laps while attempting to defeat his arch rival, Evan Haas. Needless to say, Jay lost.

Ed Leubner questioned the noise level at some of our SOLO events.
Some entrants have be competing with little or no muffler systems and Ed questioned if they met local noise standards?
Mark Bizzozero said the region should obtain a noise meter, although he believed that for SOLO, noise levels are determined by the individual regions.
A general discussion of sound meters was held and it was put to a motion by R.E. Mike Donofrio that we look into the cost of purchasing a sound meter and the required auxiliary equipment.
Motion seconded by Ed Heffron and motion then carried.
It is hoped that the region can keep the cost at or below $100 for the meter.
Ed also asked about the availability of CNYR logo club merchandise for meetings and events.
Rex Franklin said that Bee-Tee in North Syracuse, NY has our logo and he will check into the cost of having various quantities of tee shirts made up.
Sec. Bob Holcomb had also asked about merchandise, in an e-mail to R.E. Mike Donofrio and suggested that we are losing out on a revenue source by not having merchandise readily available at meetings and events.
After another general discussion about merchandise, it was felt that decals and tee shirts would be the most popular items.
Rex will check about other products costs beside the tee shirts.

Jay Cartini said we are having some issues with sponsors and advertisers.
So far in 2011 only two have paid for their ads in Snarling Exhaust.
Jay will follow up and those not responding will be dropped.
Jay also expressed concern that the Rally Cross program is currently not bringing in enough revenue to support itself, much less generate a profit.
Current break even numbers for an event are approximately 20 entrants and at the most recent events entries have been far below that number.

Bob Holcomb made a motion that approval of the previous business meeting (May, 2011) minutes be delayed until they appear in the next issue of Snarling Exhaust which was not yet available.
Mick Levy seconded, motion carried.
The May and July minutes should appear in the joint July/August issue of Snarling Exhaust per an e-mail to Bob from Snarling editor Karl Hughes.
There were no minutes for the June meeting as it was an informal night at the kart track.

Mark Bizzozero said that our next event is July 23rd AND 24th at the Seneca Army Depot and a rare chance to run SOLO for an entire weekend.
On August 13th we will host a dual event of a different nature, a day and night SOLO.
You can run day, or night, or both.

Jim Quattro was delayed at work so his report was originally started by Mark Bizzozero.
Mark said that despite low entrant numbers, Jim is working very hard to make the program successful.
Current problems include entrants not returning for additional events, damaged equipment, job transfers and students away at college, etc.
Jim arrived and said that the June event was canceled due to lack of entrants.
The July event was held, but with just 6 entrants, far below the break even point.
At the Wellsboro, PA event discussed in previous issues of Snarling Exhaust, the Rally Cross portion of the weekend was not well backed but Jim said we have been invited back for 2012.
The demonstration event was marred by a roll over with a slight injury to a passenger.
Jim said that at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park we have been invited to put on a Rally Cross demonstration between sessions of the featured sprint car evening on July 22nd.
When it was questioned as to why Rally Cross has used up a large number of cones, Jim reported that in cold weather the cones fracture when hit and the conditions in general are more harsh on the cones than at a SOLO event.
Leo Sawyer asked about the average cost to put on a Rally Cross event and Jim said approx. $30 per entrant, including insurance.
Leo also expressed concern that due to extensive wear and tear on cones at Rally Cross that we will need more cones for our event at Seneca Army Depot along with extra fire extinguishers.
It was felt that for 2012 we might get a better response from entrants if we offer fewer events than the current schedule for 2011.
A figure of 4 events was discussed which would include winter, summer and fall dates.
Jim said we are booked for the Cherry Valley Kart Track for Sept. 11th.

Mick Levy discussed the previous weekend at Watkins Glen which was the Finger Lakes Region Double Nationals.
Approximately 270 entrants in 7 groups, good racing, good food for workers, etc.
Mick and Mike Fuller will be conducting a flagging seminar at the Liverpool Library on Saturday, July 16th from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
Mick will be FM and Bob Holcomb AFM for the Glen Region regional weekend at Watkins Glen July 23rd & 24th.
Mick also said that he and Bob have signed to work the inaugural Baltimore, MD IRL/ALMS street race to be held Sept. 2, 3, 4, 2011.

Rob Sgarlata said that the summer picnic was postponed one week due to a conflict at the Onondaga Yacht Club on Onondaga Lake.
It will be held on Wed., August 17th from 6 to 9 (?) at a cost of $10 per person.
The food will be catered so we will be deprived of the cooking services of Dave Kicak and Bruce Parker.
Usual picnic fare will include hamburgers, hot dogs, side salads, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages plus a delicious CARVEL ice cream cake from Jay Cartini.

Andrew Beyer had no new information to report.

Mike Gagliardi said that the road course planned for the Brewerton area should be breaking ground soon, with paper work scheduled to be signed in a week or less from our meeting night.
The distance has been changed with the length now set for 2.8 miles and will hopefully be available for race dates in early 2012.
Mike said the new dirt track proposed for Brewerton is temporarily on hold until the paved road course is completed.


Rex Franklin made a motion to adjourn.
Mike Gagliardi seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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