CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by R.E. Ed Leubner.

R.E. REPORT: Ed welcomed everyone to the July, 2016 meeting.
Ed asked for a motion to approve the meeting minutes for our June, 2016 meeting as they appeared on our web-site. Mike Donofrio so moved, Jim Quattro seconded, motion carried.
Ed said he is still recovering from a surgical procedure and has not been able to participate in driving either at a SOLO or a track day to this point. Other than that he had nothing else to report at this time.

ASST. R.E. REPORT: Mark Bizzozero absent, no report.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini reported that for the first time in some time our expenditures were more than we took in for the month, due to paying off the balance on the new SOLO trailer.
We ended June, 2016 with a balance of $8,575.04 which included outstanding checks for $532.48.
Scott Newton said the trailer still needs inside shelving and organizing.
Rex Franklin is reported to have shelving available to use in the trailer.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Andrew Beyer absent, no report. Andrew has conflicting meetings on our usual Wednesday meeting night making attendance difficult.
John Coffin reminded members that he will soon be moving to Oneonta, but still plans to keep his region of record as CNYR. Jon also gave the region issues of Snarling Exhaust dated from October, 1984 to September, 1989.
Bob Holcomb reported that the latest issue of SportsCar lists Jim Ocuto with his 25th anniversary for July 22nd, 2016.
Ed Leubner added that Mike Gould is shown for his 5th anniversary in July.

SECRETARY REPORT: Bob Holcomb reminded the members in attendance that due to a full time move to the Sunshine State of Florida he will not be a candidate for Secretary come the next election.
In sorting through his collection of race memorabilia Bob said he found a 1975 issue of Autoweek which included an ad from Ron Tonkin with several exotics (Ferrari, Maserati, etc.) with prices in the five figure range, including a Ferrari Daytona Coupe for under $70,000. Today that same car could bring from six to seven figures depending on its history.
In the absence of F&C Chief Mick Levy, Bob mentioned the recent SCCA MAJORS & July Sprints at Watkins Glen International. He said the level of cars at the July Sprints appeared better than many of the cars at the MAJORS. For the July Sprints they had 22 Formula V’s which put on a great show.
Many of the regular CNYR racers attended, including Jim Ocuto, Jim Wells, Mike Gould, Gib Stine and others, apologies for those not mentioned.
In between the MAJORS and the July Sprints, Watkins hosted the IMSA 6 HRS weekend, which saw some spectacular incidents and battles for the win.
Next up for Watkins is the annual Finger Lakes Wine Fest, featuring over 90 NYS wineries and who knows how many folks partaking of the grape, ads for the Fest said crowds up to 40,000 are expected.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Ted Barbuto asked Bob Holcomb if Brandon Kidd, our guest speaker for our August picnic was still planning to attend. Bob said he had spoken to Brandon at a recent Empire Super Sprints race at Brewerton and said that Brandon is still very interested in attending.
General hours for the picnic at the Onondaga Yacht Club are 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016. Food should be ready at 6:30 p.m., with Jay Cartini expected to be his usual first in line.
Mark Mangicaro asked if Scott Newton could bring a CNYR banner to display by the parking lot so walkers would know what group was there. The CNYR SOLO trailer may or may not be on display.
Mark also added that he attended the June Can-Tech Meet & Greet which went over very well. Another Meet & Greet is scheduled for July 16th but several in attendance could not make the date due to prior commitments.

SOLO REPORT: Scott Newton said we held two events since June. The missing trophies have been found and all SOLO gear is in the trailer and as Scott previously mentioned Rex Franklin has shelving for use in the trailer.
Scott suggests buying some small trailers or wagons to store and haul the cones, pricing and style will be looked into. Rex Franklin suggested checking Harbor Freight and Jim Quattro said they have used one from there and it seemed very durable.
Mark Mangicaro suggested having a “theme” for each event, for example the term “ENDURO” for our upcoming July 24th event. Scott Newton said that in the event of rain he plans to schedule two runs per entrant, if dry then three runs.
Future events such as August 21st and 27th could offer a special discount for college I.D. whether as free runs or an entry fee discount.
Mark /made another suggestion of “Cone & Cones”, suggesting that name would fit having a SOLO plus free ice cream cones…most eyes then focused on Jay Cartini and thoughts of his Carvel franchise.
In recent SOLO events we had around 45 entrants at our Fathers Day event and on July 9th a smaller field of 23 entrants each getting up to 16 runs on a course designed by Chris Gifford.
Scott said he is still looking for new locations due to several factors, including CNYRP not being available until at least fall and our Fulton location may have a new tenant that would be open on our usual Sunday run days.
Fulton Airport was suggested as it has good pavement and we could run a Charity Event there which might include giving free “ride alongs” to kids and adults. This will be looked into.

RALLY CROSS REPORT: Jim Quattro asked about business cars and if there was any space in our new SOLO trailer for Rally Cross items and if Rally Cross sponsor names may appear on the trailer wrap.
Jim said we have had no new events since our June meeting although we may have an event in late July at a location yet to be determined, details may appear on our web site.
Jim said he is no longer NEDIV Rally Cross Steward, as James Perrin has taken over the position.
Chris Murphy and Garrison Mosley recently attended a National Challenge event in Maryland that had in the vicinity of sixty cars. The event cost $80 for the two days with early registration,more when purchased as a walk up.
The current issue of SportsCar featured an article by racer Rand Probst who gave his thoughts on attending his first ever Rally Cross. It’s a fun read.
Jim has not located a new top for his E-Z Up, as the manufacturer requires the serial number off the framing to make a perfect match. Jim will be looking into this.

CNYRP: Jim Quattro said as all are aware, work has stopped at the facility as New York State is withholding release of promised funding due to the usual “red tape” of government.
The planned motorcycle event at CNYRP will be relocated to Rolling Wheels Raceway in August.
Jim reported that a new location for Super Dirt Week had not been finalized***

OLD BUSINESS: Ed Leubner said that an update of our By-Laws is being worked on with the emphasis being on tightening up the language and adding needed updates such as the use of “electronic means” to make the By-Laws and other club related information available to members vs. just using the USPS, which would allow a more rapid response.
Suggestions included:
Add definitions for Rally Cross chairperson and SOLO.
Change the figure for a “Quorum” from 20% to 10%.
Change the time frame for the Nominating Committee from 3 mos. to 2 mos.
Change the newsletter (Snarling Exhaust) from a “monthly” issue to a “periodic”.
Article 10 states that suggestions be mailed. Paul Grover made a motion to allow the use of e-mail to distribute the By-Laws suggested updates. Jay Cartini suggested amending the motion to include that a response would be needed by a specific stated date (such as 30 days) and that any none response would be considered as an approval of the updated By-Laws. Paul so modified his motion, Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried.
Jon Coffin suggested that the region check with the R.E.’s of near-by regions to see how they have handled any updates to their By-Laws and that there is an interested article in the current SportsCar by Area 10 Gov. and SCCA COB John Walsh about SCCA members and Regions.
It was noted by Bob Holcomb that Finger Lakes Region is leading their category (large regions) in new members. Bob said he will contact a member of FLR F&C to see what they are doing to attract new members.
Mark Mangicaro suggested the use of Facebook, especially “SHARE”, “LIKE” and “COMMENT” to get information out there for SOLO, Rally Cross and general info in addition to using our web-site.
Jay Cartini said there is currently an issue with obtaining insurance for the new SOLO trailer. The NYS DMV wants an insurance card before they will issue a registration for the trailer. The insurance carrier won’t issue an insurance card until a specific tow vehicle is listed for the trailer and the insurance on the tow vehicle would apparently cover the trailer.
Mark Mangicaro suggested checking with Karl Hughes and the possibility of registering the trailer out of state such as many large companies do (Wal-Mart is based in Arkansas, but their trailers are registered in Oklahoma). Jay Cartini will look into this plus whether the trailer may be registered to an SCCA member vs. the organization.

NEW BUSINESS: Ed Leubner said that Genesee Valley BMW is sponsoring a Tire Rack Safety School at Watkins Glen on November 5th.
Scott Newton said we will need another SOLO Safety Steward with Jon Coffin moving to the boonies.
Anyone interested should check with Brian Reeves or see Scott.
Jim Quattro said that there is a Round Table set for a November date (updated when he knows more) in New Jersey and SOLO training and Rally Cross training will be available.
50-50 RAFFLE: The 50-50 was won by Jay Cartini for $11.

ADJOURN: A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Donofrio, seconded by Ed Heffron, motion carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:51 p.m.
Submitted by:
Bob Holcomb
Secretary, CNYR SCCA

*** Post meeting the local news confirmed that Oswego Speedway was the new location for Super Dirt Week, 2016.

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