The meeting was called to order by R.E. Mike Donofrio at 7:19 p.m.

Mike Donofrio said that he would be honored to run again for the position of R.E.
Beyond that Mike had nothing new to add at that time.

Ed Leubner mentioned an upcoming Mini-Con that the Mohawk-Hudson region will be hosting in Saratoga Springs, NY on November 4th and 5th.
Ed will try to get more information by our next meeting in October.
Ed also mentioned the current Fast Track posting on Youth Stewards for SOLO events, which was listed as a reminder for all regions.

Rob Sgarlata was absent but it was reported that approximately 40 members attended our annual picnic in August at the Onondaga Yacht Club in Liverpool.
Everyone attending said good food, good times.

Bob Holcomb made a motion that since the July meeting minutes have not yet been published in Snarling Exhaust that we delay reading or approval of them until they are published.
Ed Leubner seconded, motion carried.
Bob deferred any comments on recent racing to Mick Levy for his F&C report.

Jay Cartini, sporting a new weight saving hair style, reported that we are still waiting for payment from some advertisers and sponsors.
Jay will be compiling a list and those still delinquent in payments will be dropped from our advertisement section of Snarling Exhaust.

Mark Bizzozero reported that our day/night SOLO event at the Cherry Valley Kart Track was a success, with total participation between the two groups of approx. 50 drivers.
Those running both sessions had approx. 15 runs with the avg. day time run being 6 and the evening, 9.
Our next event will be at the N.Y. State Fairgrounds on September 25th and Karl Hughes will be in charge of set up.
Mark has the new registration for our SOLO van which is currently under going it's annual NYS inspection.
We have an event on October 9th with Lee Hidy acting as chair for the event.
Mark said that there are many classes where the next few SOLO's will determine the champions as points are very close.

Jim Quattro reported that our Sept. 11th Rally Cross at the Cherry Valley Kart Track went very well.
The issue still remains the same, however, low entries, which makes the events low income producers.
Jim is hoping that a revised schedule and fees for 2012 will help eliminate any deficits in budget.
He said that so far this year they have only had 11 participants that have competed in at least 3 events.
Increasing the number of repeat entrants is priority number one for 2012 and Jim may revise the entry fee for members and non-members and give a credit for pre-registering for an event.
A season ending event for 2011 is tentatively scheduled at the Cherry Valley Kart Track for December.
Weather conditions will determine if it comes about or not, too little snow is bad, too much is bad.
There was a general discussion of trying to hold a Rally Cross event at an ice racing venue but there are so many variables that it may not be practical.
Jim also mentioned that he has been contacted by Finger Lakes Region concerning the possibility of running a dual region event during 2012.
This may prove advantageous for both regions and help reduce the overall cost for participants.

Mick Levy reported that the Finger Lakes Region annual "Fun One" is coming up during Sept. 17 & 18, with the long course being used on Saturday and the short course on Sunday.
It is also the weekend that Finger Lakes hold their annual "pig roast" and always has great food for all.
Mick reported that during the U.S.Vintage G.P. at Watkins Glen Sept. 9,10,11, they had a Mini-Cooper burn in pit lane along with a Sunbeam Tiger.
Bruce Parker was entered in his sports racer but had issues all 3 days with DNF's.
Friday he stopped at station 11 (turn 7 for you racers) where Bob Holcomb was flagging.
Basically Bruce's problems stemmed to one thing, LUCAS electrics, enough said?
Mick and Bob attended the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix held on the street circuit near Inner Harbor and Camden Yards for the Indy Car/Indy Lites/Star Mazda/Pro2000 and ALMS series over Labor Day weekend.
The circuit was rated the best street circuit by the Indy drivers, despite being exceptionally bumpy on the concrete portions.
Friday was confusing as cars were due on course at 8 a.m. but due to construction delays, for setting up jersey barriers, fencing and further welding of manhole covers, that didn't happen until 1:30p.m.
Mick was stationed at 1A, just after the front straight sharp right hand turn and Bob was at station 2 on drivers right down from Mick.
The contract is through 2014 or 2015 and hopefully any snags that showed up for this inaugural event will be ironed out by 2012.
Many of the flaggers were F&C chiefs from their respective regions and one was in from Hawaii.
Saturday ran much smoother and the ALMS cars did a great job.
Once suspensions and brakes were adjusted, the open wheel groups handled the circuit much more smoothly.

Andrew Beyer said that we had 5 new members for June, 1 for July, 2 for August and so far 1 for September.
We currently have 161 members.


Karl Hughes announced his retirement as editor of Snarling Exhaust effective after the November elections.
Extensive preparation of various vehicles for racing activities for both himself and his son Connor (an up and coming SOLO driver) were listed as not giving Karl enough time to do the quality job he has become known for.
The region will be actively seeking a replacement for Karl, a hard task indeed.

Mike Donofrio asked about candidates for office for the upcoming elections in November.
Mike as R.E., Ed Leubner as Asst.R.E., Bob Holcomb as Sec. and Jay Cartini as Treasurer have all agreed to run again.
It is highly probable that Rob Sgarlata will run for Act. Dir.

Lee Hidy made a motion, seconded by Ed Leubner that a list of candidates be published in the Sept. issue of Snarling Exhaust, along with an absentee ballot which will include the option of a write in space for other candidates.
Motion carried.
The absentee ballots can be mailed to Bob Holcomb, Sec. CNYR SCCA at 7766 Deerfield Rd., Liverpool, NY 13090.

50-50 RAFFLE:
With Rob Sgarlata absent, no 50-50 drawing was held.

Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Ed Heffron, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:21p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb, sec.CNYR SCCA

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