The meeting was called to order at 7:23 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.
Scott Newton reported that he had recently attended the SCCA SOLO National Championships.
Day one was a learning experience with what Scott called a slow first run, a second run with a spin and finally a third run where he assaulted a cone.
Day two found him around 2 seconds off the fastest times, but improved enough to finish in the top 15% of the field.
For his first time attending, he was pleased and plans to attend in the future.
Scott said the courses were long and there were almost 1,100 entrants, so a good job for a rookie.
Scott reported that he had looked into the Griffis Development Site as a possible SOLO venue, but it was not available.
This led to a connection to the old Oneida County Airport location, which is apparently controlled by Homeland Security.
They will need to be contacted about using the facility with a "need to use" outline.
It was felt that this would make a good location to run an SCCA sponsored Street Survival School, which has a proven track record (no pun) of improving the driving habits of younger drivers and may lead to the facility being used for SOLO events.
Ed Leubner said he had attended the recent SVRA weekend in Watkins Glen and participated in the Knapp Winery Rally Tour which was broken into three segments of 80 miles, 40 miles and another at 40 miles.
Ed thoroughly enjoyed the experience and recommended it to others for the future.
Bob Holcomb made a motion that the meeting minutes for July be accepted as they appeared on our web-site.
The motion was seconded by Mark Bizzozero and the motion passed.
August was our annual picnic so there were no minutes for that event.
Bob had other information which was included in the F&C report to follow.
Jay Cartini was absent, no report.
Mick Levy reported that the recent SVRA event at Watkins had a very good turnout with some exceptional vehicles on display downtown and in various settings at the race track.
Several individuals were inducted to the Walk of Fame, including racers Otto Linton and Phil Henderson.
Bob Holcomb reported that on Sunday at turn 7 (flag station 11) a Camaro running in the Historic Trans-Am event hit the tire wall/Armco almost head on, which caused a photographer standing by the Armco to be thrown in the air. He then landed about 15 feet back from the Armco atop a sheet of plywood which crossed a small stream at that point.
As of our Wednesday meeting, he was still in hospital in Sayre with broken ribs, a broken arm and bruises.
Rumor has it that he was actually a former racer himself.
Bob later found the photographers eye glasses lying in the grass and like the driver, they were broken, but repairable.
The driver was treated and released.
Unfortunately his Camaro was extensively damaged.
Mick & Dot Levy and Bob attended the Baltimore Indy Car/ALMS GP weekend, August 30th to Sept. 1st.
It was hot, in the 90's with high humidity all three days.
As is typical with a street course, many caution laps in each group, Indy Cars, Indy Lights, ALMS, Porsche GT3.
However, the beer at the Sat. evening worker party held at the Pratt Street Ale House was plentiful, tasty and cold.
Mark Bizzozero said he made improvements to the Groton Microd track prior to our latest SOLO event on Sept. 8th.
Jon Coffin said the repairs held up well during the event.
Each entry had approximately six runs.
Our next event on the schedule is set for November 3rd at Shoppingtown.
Please note that this date is the first day of returning to Eastern Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time.
Mike had been working on contacting the New York State Fairgrounds for an October date, but as of meeting time had received no response, so he cancelled any interest with them about that date.
He will now look at Shoppingtown to see if October 6th is available as a general discussion amongst the members in attendance approved the idea.
Mark and Scott both said that anyone that knows of a potential SOLO location, please provide contact information so just one person will be involved rather than having several members contacting the same people at the proposed venues.
Jim Quattro reported that our last event had been held back in May.
He said that the major interest in Rally Cross seems to run from fall to spring, so is working on developing a schedule that would run from October to June.
This seemed to be agreeable to those in attendance.
The next three events will be at the Walczyk farm near Weedsport and the dates are:
October 13th, November 17th and December 7th & 8th.
With the proposed new schedule it was felt that the annual August picnic would be a good time to give out the Rally Cross awards and this was greeting with approval by those in attendance.
Jim said that a revamped series now called American Rally Cross will be holding an event at Pocono on October 26th and will be run in the more traditional European format of several cars running at the same time on a prepared course.
He said that CNYR SCCA has been contacted about using their equipment for this event with a possible listing as a sponsor in exchange.
Jim, a new dad by the time you read this, said he is looking for a new Rally Cross Chair, or possibly a couple members to act as co-Chairs.
Andrew Beyer was absent, no report.
Rob Sgarlata said we had just over 30 in attendance for our August picnic at the Onondaga Lake Yacht Club, with good food, good times and good b.s. sessions.
The 50-50 raffle was won by Ted Barbuto for $18.
Mike Gagliardi said that CNYRP has recently received more financial backing and approval for work by NYS and hopes to have an official ground breaking in October.
The developers have met with and plan to work with local businesses during the construction phase and after the project is completed to provide local jobs to a distressed county.
Mike said he attended an event in Canada titled "Racing The Runway" which pits the 90 permitted entrants in runs of 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile.
Mike also said that for 2014 the feature car for the annual Concours show at the Clayton, NY Antique Boat Museum will be Corvette.
There will also be a SVRA Watkins Glen style drive on the 1936 era Alexandria Bay race course, which should be fun.
Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn.
Rex Franklin seconded.
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:53 p.m.

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