Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:12 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.

R.E.REPORT: Scott Newton welcomed all to the meeting and commented on several attendees, new or infrequent, that might not be
familiar to many members.

The following introduced themselves to the membership and the members in turn introduced themselves to the new attendees.

Former R.E. Paul Grover, former Activities Director and F&C Chief Joe Russell now from NNJ, Chris Murphy who participates in our Rally Cross program and Mark Mangicaro.

Scott said that Dan Hurley is working to get a new issue of Snarling Exhaust out.

Dan asked the members for any information that could be included in a new issue.

Scott said that in July CNYR SCCA was represented at the Street Scene Car Show, a group mainly of younger gear-heads who showed some interest in our activities such as SOLO.

Scott also said that he has been contacted about having a display area at the annual Syracuse Auto Dealers Expo to be held at the Onondaga County ON-CENTER in February, 2015. There will be room enough for up to three vehicles and Scott is looking for volunteers to provide cars for the display.

Scott also made mention of the tragic death of 14 year old Kierstin Eaddy at an Autocross in Texas back in July and said that extra precautions should be considered when planning a SOLO or Autocross course so this type of tragic outcome may be prevented in the future.

ASST. R.E. REPORT: Ed Leubner said he attended the SVRA event held on Friday, Sept. 5th Watkins Glen.

Ed said the grouping of cars was nice, although he thought the person splitting the cars for the grid was brave, as many cars didn’t know how to follow his direction.

Ed also had a nice time at the Seneca Lodge getting to meet a representative from Grass Roots Motorsports magazine.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini said that all monies have been received from our SOLO sponsors, including a formerly outstanding balance from 2013.

Repairs to our SOLO van have been paid for and Jay thanked Matt McGill for towing the van in for the needed repair work.

Congratulations to John Speicher, a participant in our SOLO program who was awarded the Autocrosser Of The Year for his participation. John also provided CNYR SCCA with an additional SOLO sponsorship from an Auburn car dealer and we thank him for that.

SECRETARY REPORT: Bob Holcomb made a motion asking for approval of the July meeting minutes as they appeared on our web-site. Mike Gagliardi seconded, motion carried.

Bob said that the region had made a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of Teresa Newton, R.E. Scott Newton’s mom, who had recently passed away.

SOLO REPORT: Mark Bizzozero said the SOLO van had hoses replaced, so all fluids are now good and a loose sway bar had been corrected and the van now runs better than it had ever run.
Mark said our last event was out of region with a BMW Club and Finger Lakes Region SCCA at R.I.T. in Rochester on August 24th. Mark ended up 40th out of approx. 112 participants which included 17 from CNYR.
Our next event will be the Day /Night SOLO to be held Sept. 20th at the Cherry Valley Kart Track.
Mark said an event scheduled for the former K-Mart strip plaza in Fulton for Sat., Oct. 4th, is still on the agenda but he has not had any recent communications from management there, so check our web-site for any updates.

RALLY CROSS: No report.
Scott Newton did say that Jim Quattro is still acting as temporary chief of specialty but location have been an issue. As in SOLO, check our web-site for any updates.

COMPETITION REPORT: Mike Gagliardi said CNYRP is slowly progressing as more and more paperwork required by the state and local governments has been arriving.

Mike attended but did not participate in the recent Perth, Ontario “Race the Runway” event. Only 100 vehicles are allowed and the fastest run of the day was by a Lamborghini with a run of 348 KPH, or approx. 217 MPH!

F&C REPORT: Mick Levy said that the annual FLR SCCA “Fun One” is Sept. 13 -14 at Watkins Glen, with long course on Sat. and short course on Sun.

The Ferrari Challenge cars will again be at Watkins the weekend of Sept. 19 to 21 for a weekend of pro-racing.

At the Ferrari Club of America event recently held at Watkins Aug. 29 – 31, two races were held for the Ferrari Challenge cars on Sat. the 30th. One car had a brake rotor issue on the pit straight resulting in a part of the rotor being so hot it started to melt the track surface.

Bob Holcomb reported that at the NASCAR Sprint Series race at Watkins on Sunday, Aug. 10th, he had a car crash directly at station 2 just after Denny Hamlin crashed into the sand barrels at pit entry causing a full course caution.

In Bob’s incident the driver, Alex Kennedy, was not happy about being “punted” by another car but he did manage to calm down during the resulting red flag to clean up both incidents.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Rob Sgarlata absent, no report, no 50-50.


NEW BUSINESS: Not official business, but former R.E. Mike Donofrio said that his modified Miata and his BMW are both for sale should anyone be interested.
Mick Levy asked about the Snarling Exhaust publication delay and thought it wasn’t fair to our advertisers. New editor Dan Hurley agreed and as stated previously is actively seeking articles to put in a new issue.

ADJOURNMENT: Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn, Rex Franklin seconded, motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb
Secretary, CNYR SCCA

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