CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:13 p.m. by R.E. Ed Leubner

R.E. REPORT: R.E. Ed Leubner welcomed everyone to our September meeting and said he had several things to mention.

Ed asked for a motion to accept the July 8, 2015 meeting minutes as they as appeared on our web-site. Mark Mangicaro asked that his comments about a SOLO event that appeared in the minutes include the fact that he was discussing an “out of region” SOLO event. The addition was so noted by Secretary Bob Holcomb and was made to the July minutes. Leo Sawyer then made the motion to accept, Rex Franklin seconded, motion carried and the on line minutes will include the additional information.

Ed thanked the absent Ted Barbuto for his work in organizing our annual picnic held at the Onondaga Lake Yacht club on August 12th. It was noted that attendance, including family members was up for this event.

Ed also mentioned that Secretary Bob Holcomb appeared in a recent issue of SportsCar magazine under volunteer days worked, with 12-19 days. Bob explained the $5/day incentive to work certain SCCA race events, which allow $5/day up to a maximum 9 days to count toward your annual dues. He also said that since January 1st he had worked at least 17 SCCA race event days for 2015.

Ed said that the August 29th SOLO event in Fulton was good and that our web-site has many good pictures of SCCA SOLO events.

Ed received information on the upcoming NEDIV Mini-Con to be held in Saratoga, NY from November 13th to 15th and it appears the emphasis will be on racing. Jim Quattro will be attending and others are welcome as the region will pay for registration expenses but members must pay for their own lodging and meals, as Jon Coffin had questioned if the region would pay for the registration fee.

The National SCCA convention will be held in Las Vegas in January starting the 21st. Members are reminded that what happens in “Vegas” doesn’t always stay in “Vegas”.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini reported an income since January 1st of $14,018.00 with expenses of $13,109.41 for a bank balance of $7,647.53. However there are still outstanding deposits of $810.00 and outstanding checks of $2,406.76 for a balance of $6,050.77 and monies are still owed to SOLO Chair Scott Newton for helmets and fees to SCCA for 2 Rally Cross events and we owe the Liverpool American Legion for use of their facility for a couple meetings.

Jay said that our SOLO van has proven too expensive to repair and it seems a trailer would be the cheaper alternative. More will be discussed in the SOLO report. Rex Franklin mentioned he may have a prospective buyer for the van.

ASST. R.E. REPORT: Mark Bizzozero said he had recently attended a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Oswego Speedway and enjoyed it. The vehicles provided were in the late model class. Mark said he had signed up months in advance as they apparently have many entrants.

Mark also said that he drove one of the Toyota pickup trucks that the drivers ride around the track prior to the start of the Xfinity race on August 8th at Watkins Glen and that was fun as well.

SECRETARY/F&C REPORT: Bob Holcomb had nothing extra to report as secretary but in the absence of F&C Chief Mick Levy who was in South Carolina looking for a Snow Bird rental, he did discuss the last few events at Watkins Glen, including SVRA where he had a visitor from the U.K. as his flagger. Also that the NASCAR weekend, August 7th to 9th was fun, the K&N division put on a good show on Friday, that during the Xfinity race on Saturday the number 25 Zaxby sponsored car pulled up across from his station with an engine fire which was quickly extinguished by the fire crew at Baker North…and during the Sprint series race on Sunday Tony Stewart pulled off directly across station and was done for the day with mechanical issues.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: In the absence of Ted Barbuto, Ed Leubner did mention it was nice to see several members bring their special cars to the picnic, including a very nice new version FORD GT-40.

Ed also mentioned that Bob Holcomb had suggested inviting a guest lecturer for future picnics (or for our awards dinner), similar to what other groups do at Watkins Glen.

Ted had contacted Ed requesting preferences for our annual awards dinner held in January.

Discussion followed and it was felt that Sunday, January 24th would be the best choice to avoid a conflict with the Snow Drift event that Jim Quattro thinks is January 29-30, 2016. Jim will verify the date and the information will be forwarded to Ted.

Scott Newton said that the Street Scene event held at Longbranch Park in Liverpool in August was well attended with an estimated 400-500 entrants. Although geared toward the younger crowd of street tuners, there was some interest from spectators at the booth our region manned near the main entrance. The mobile Carvel Ice Cream unit parked by the SCCA display was quite popular according to Scott and Jay Cartini. Some free event weekend membership cards were given out and although none were cashed in at the next CNYR SOLO event, some people from Street Scene did show up at the event.

SOLO REPORT: Ed Leubner mentioned that the SCCA SOLO Championships were live streaming results on the SCCA web-site. Finger Lakes member Michelle Quinn won the FML class by 3 seconds.

Scott Newton said he had been on vacation in California during the Monterey Historic event and was impressed with the number of exotics parked as though they were common Fords or Chevys. Scott was able to walk around Mazda Raceway Park at Laguna and was very impressed with the facility.

Scott said that for two SOLO events held in Fulton it was felt that the turnout was not as good on a Saturday compared to what would be expected on a Sunday. Part of the problem with Fulton is the lot is only available on a Saturday.

Leo Sawyer was concerned about a lack of repeat entrants and suggested an informal survey be taken at events as to whether entrants prefer Fulton or Cherry Valley with simple questions such as: Saturday vs. Sunday, distances to venue, event type (cone vs track), etc.

Mark Mangicaro suggested we work with other regions to avoid conflicting dates.

Scott mentioned free issues of APEX magazine were available to members during the meeting. He said he was given several issues at the Street Scene event and that one of our SOLO events may appear in a future issue.

Scott thanked Ed Leubner for repair work on our timing display. It was noted that the battery charger had issues and they areresolved.

Scott also thanked Rex Franklin for repair work on our chalk spreaders.

Scott said SOLO results on our web-site are current except for out of region results which should be updated soon.

Our next event will be Sunday, September 27th at Cherry Valley.

Three events previously planned are now cancelled since they were to be held on a Sunday and Fulton, Cherry Valley and CNYRP could not accommodate those days. Scott is hoping for an event at Cherry Valley on Saturday, October 10th. THIS IS IMPORTANT, SCOTT REQUESTS ALL INTERESTED TO PRE-REGISTER ON LINE AS HE NEEDS A MINIMUM OF20 ENTRANTS TO HOLD THE DATE.

Scott also mentioned that for future SOLO events at Fulton the owner of the dance studio in the plaza will be willing to provide sandwiches with advanced notice as she has a food license.

RALLY CROSS REPORT: Jim Quattro reported he went to Maine in July to co-drive an event. Unfortunately the car was not prepared for the wet east coast weather and between mechanical and electronic issues the car didn’t see much action, i.e. a disappointing weekend.

Jim said the August event at Rolling Wheels went very well and the course was set up in the European style of Rally Cross courses.

Our scheduled September event has been cancelled.

The next event (NEDIV) runs for two days, starting Saturday, October 24th at the Walczyk farm in Weedsport and will run from 3pm to midnight, followed by an 8am to 3pm event on Sunday, October 25th at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. The Sat. date will be with FLR.

Future dates, currently unconfirmed, may include a November date at either Rolling Wheels or CNYRP and a December date at the Walczyk farm, updates will follow.

A question arose regarding a possible winter street survivor type event and Jim said he would look into a schedule for such an event.

CNYRP: Jim Quattro and Bob Holcomb informally discussed CNYRP.

“Unofficially” CNYRP will be home to Super Dirt Week in 2016. Some buildings should be erected before snowfall and a major car company (zoom-zoom?) may be providing cars to CNYRP to be used as track rentals.


NEW BUSINESS: A question was raised about CNYR SCCA having a bill board at CNYRP, possibly in the form of our SOLO van, some discussion, doubtful.

Scott Newton said he has a felled maple tree available for firewood, it just needs to be split and anyone interested please contact him. Scott also noted that we have around 450 “Likes” on our Facebook page, which prompted Rex Franklin to ask what Facebook is.

Ed Leubner said we are in need of a new newsletter editor and will welcome hearing from anyone interested in the position.

Ed asked for a volunteer to head the nomination committee and Rex Franklin said he would do it.

Lee Hidy reminded those in attendance that a slate of officers needs to be presented a month prior to the elections.

Ed Leubner also is looking for a Merchandising Chair and Mark Mangicaro said he may be willing to handle the job. Much discussion followed on what supplies (not listed in the minutes) are needed for the various specialties and Ed said he will get an order into National for whatever items are needed.

Mark Bizzozero mentioned the region is open to suggestions for fund raisers including the use of brochures and banners. Please contact Mark with your suggestions.

ADJOURN: Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn, Rex Franklin seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

Submitted by
Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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