CNYR SCCA Meeting Minutes For Wed., October 12, 2011

The meeting was called to order by R.E. Mike Donofrio at 7:19 p.m.

Mike Donofrio reminded those in attendance that November will be our annual election night meeting.
Instead of our usual location at the Liverpool American Legion the meeting will be held at Mike Giambatista's Railroad Construction located on Cambridge Ave. off Lemoyne Ave. off Factory Ave.
A motion was made by Rex Franklin and seconded by Ed Leubner that we have pizza and wings at the meeting.
Motion carried.

Ed Leubner reminded everyone of the MO-HUD sponsored Mini-Con set for November 4th through the 6th in Saratoga Springs.
The local Holiday Inn is offering rooms for below $100 per night and the Mini-Con cost is around $85.
Ed also said some supplies are needed for our SOLO events such as wrist bands, stickers, etc.

Bob Holcomb made a motion that we table the reading of the previous 2 months meetings as they have not yet appeared in Snarling Exhaust.
Motion seconded by Mick Levy, motion passed.
Bob said he would leave it to F&C Chief Mick Levy to catch up the F&C news during his report.

Jay Cartini said we are doing okay on money for now.
He is still waiting for money from some Snarling Exhaust advertisers.
Also he is awaiting a SOLO audit, otherwise we are current and solvent.

Rob Sgarlata said we are on track for our January awards dinner at Nestico's in North Syracuse.
Rob hopes to have more information at our November meeting.

Mick Levy reported on the recent Glen Region sponsored "Last Chance" regional and drivers school at Watkins Glen Oct. 7, 8, 9, 2011.
The weather was perfect all three days, in fact the best of the entire season at WGI.
Dave Kicak co-driving with newlywed Ed Zebrowski (former Glen Region R.E.) finished first in their class during the Enduro race.
Jim Ocuto's #30 SM Miata blew an engine on Saturday and that finished the car for the weekend.
Richard Murray of Pennellville did a nice job of leading the other cars to the checker in his #22 GT-1 Corvette.

Mick reminded those attending that the following weekend would be VRG (Vintage Racing Group) and included F1600 & F2000 race groups from SCCA.

Mick also said he had been asked to become Chief for Start/Finish of Glen Region but he was still undecided on it at meeting time.

Jim Quattro said next event is November 10th at the Cherry Valley kart track.
If scheduling does not permit, the event may be run at the Walczyk farm near Weedsport, NY.
Jim reported that some timing equipment is in need of repair.
Jim and Mark Bizzozero are working on trophies.
Also the Eastern States Championship scheduled for Conn. has been canceled.

Mark Bizzozero was absent so R.E. Mike Donofrio gave his report.
Our October 9th event at Cherry Valley had a good entry, with approx 60 drivers.
The FTD went to non-other than Holly Cartini in her kart.
CONGRATS to Holly!
Several late entries were permitted and some of them became a problem per Mike.
They gave excuses for tardiness blaming the Lafayette Apple Festival being held near the track, but others had no problem with the traffic while traveling to the track.
It was felt that part of the issue was the late entries missing the drivers meeting and not following the guidelines.
A couple cars ended up drifting and that was a major safety concern.
For future events, it was suggested that entrants must attend the driver meeting or they will not be allowed to run.

Jay Cartini said at our last SOLO event at the New York State Fairgrounds we had to file an incident report.
The first he could remember in years.
An entrant spun into the fencing surrounding the course and caused damage to two support poles.
Jay said we are still waiting to hear from the Fairgrounds concerning the damage.

The location does not look promising for 2012 due to the increase in cost established by management there.
Scott Newton said the same goes for the Seneca Army Depot as costs have risen there dramatically.

Andrew Beyer said that as of September, 2011 we have 157 members.
They include new members:
Charles Bracy of Pulaski, NY
Ed Scruton of Oswego, NY
Alan Louziere of Vaudreuil, Quebec
Welcome one and all.

1 YEAR anniversary congrats to the following:
Christopher Clark
Joe, Kristine, Ian and Sydney Zingaro
Kristopher Taffer
Joe Calabrese

10 YEAR anniversary congrats to:
Mike Donofrio
Jay Cartini
Gary Nickerson

15 YEAR anniversary congrats to:
John and Denise Croasdaile

20 YEAR anniversary congrats to:
William Moore

30 YEAR anniversary congrats to:
Jerry Doner


Mike Gagliardi discussed the new track being built in Central Square, NY which will eventually include a 2.0 mile road course, a drag strip and a half mile dirt track.
It will have garage rentals and car rentals, possibly Mustangs.
Current design plans show a basic rectangular track with one infield mini-straight, a hairpin turn followed by another mini-straight which re-enters the main track.
Several drivers present claimed it would make a good driver school track and Dave Kicak suggested we look into that.
Mike was hopeful that he could arrange for a representative from the track to speak at an upcoming CNYR meeting.

Mike reported that indoor storage for vehicles may be available for approx $350/year at the former Saturn dealership on West Genesee St. in Syracuse.
It is heated and has power and should be accessible whenever Crest Cadillac is open.

Scott Newton reported that Dustin Ehrlich will take over as Snarling Exhaust editor after the elections.
Karl Hughes has done a fantastic job the past few years and will be missed as editor.
Our heartfelt thanks to him for a great, great job of editing.

Jon Coffin said he and Karl Hughes ran in the recent 25 Hours of Nelson Ledges and finished 29th out of approx. 70 entries.
Great job guys!

Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn.
Rex Franklin seconded.
Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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