Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:16 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.

R.E.REPORT: Scott Newton reported that since our September meeting he had traveled to Ithaca for a Southern New York Region Autocross, taking his kart with him.
Unfortunately, the course design did not allow for proper runoff areas for a kart, so Scott ended up borrowing a ride from Mark Mangicaro and had a good time.
Scott did get to SOLO his kart at Watkins Glen for the Glen Region SOLO event on October 5th and again, had a good time, with each group getting in roughly six runs.
ASST. R.E. REPORT: Ed Leubner reported that he had a good time while running his Miata at the NASA Northeast event the weekend of Sept. 26-28th at Watkins Glen, despite being told by a certain CNYR SCCA Secretary that his car numbers were not up to snuff visibility wise from a flag station.
The major disappointment of the weekend was having track time reduced due to incidents on course during the Instructor Group sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini absent, no report.

SECRETARY REPORT: Bob Holcomb made a motion asking for approval of the September meeting minutes as they appear on our web-site. Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried.
Bob said for the Glen Region “Last Chance” weekend he was the FM.
Mother Nature made it a rough weekend, on Saturday morning it was wet, cold and windy, with the rain ending by lunchtime, then cold and windy the remainder of the day.
Sunday started out at 32F and never seemed to reach beyond the 40’s, with a very strong wind all day.
Mike Gould in his FC on Sat. was the CNYR star of the weekend, winning his race.
However, Bob said the most interesting vehicle of the weekend was a SRF that showed up converted to electric power.
Mick Levy and Jon Coffin each said the driver set the vehicle for 70% power for the race, which unfortunately ran a good lap and change beyond the power range of the battery, otherwise the car ran quite well during the majority of the race.
Mick Levy said the weird event of the day for the Driver School on Friday was an AS Camaro that lost it’s hood while on track, the hood smashed the windshield, then flew over the top of the car and took out the rear window, leaving shattered windows on track and inside the car.
Bob said the car did run on Saturday in it’s class.

SOLO REPORT: Mark Bizzozero asked for suggestions for awards for our January Banquet.
Tee shirts, fishing hats or baseball hats were all suggested and baseball caps won the vote.
Our day/night SOLO event at Cherry Valley was a success and received a rave review on

RALLY CROSS: Jim Quattro was absent.
Chris Murphy reported that he had recently run an event in western Maryland, although he only ran one day he had a good time, but said that for a 7 hour plus drive, next time he would trailer his car vs. drive it to the event.
Chris also mentioned that there will be a cruise-in entitled “Pickles & Pedals” to be held at the Brooklyn Pickle located at 2222 Burnet Ave. in Syracuse on October 30th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
If it’s got wheels and runs, bring it and enjoy the great food and vehicles that will be at the Brooklyn Pickle.
The next regular CNYR event will be Oct. 25th at the Walczyk farm in Weedsport.

F&C REPORT: Mick Levy said VRG is the next event for Watkins Glen on Oct. 10th-12th, followed by American Endurance Racing from Oct. 17th to 19th, and then the season ending Chump Car weekend oif Nov. 1st-2nd.
Mick also mentioned that the annual “Mini-Indy” charity karting event held in Williamsport, PA each fall had a fatality this year when a kart lost steering control and the driver went through a protective barrier and hit a pole, which ended the event.
Despite the tragic accident, they do plan to continue the event for 2015 as it has raised a considerable amount of money for charity over the years and this was the first serious accident the event has had.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Scott Newton reported on receiving a notice from Rob Sgarlata that he was resigning as Activities Chair effective immediately.
Scott will make the necessary contacts to set up the date and location for our January Banquet.
Anyone interesting in the position of Activities Director please call any officer so your name can be placed on the ballot for our election.

CNYRP REPORT: Mike Gagliardi said work is being done at the track, with the priority being the half-mile dirt track and necessary access roads, parking lots, etc., followed by construction of the road course.
There is also work being done on the former rest area on I-81, which will become a southbound entrance for the track.
Jon Coffin said there is an updated video which is available on the CNYRP web-site.


NEW BUSINESS: Two topics were brought up.
Ballots for elections will appear on the web-site.
For the election we need 10% or approx. 15 members for a voting quorum.
The current candidates are:

R.E.: Ed Leubner
ASST.R.E. : Mark Bizzozero
TREASURER: Jay Cartini
Secretary: Bob Holcomb

ACTIVITIES: Currently no candidate.

If anyone is interested in running for any position please contact any officer asap.

Scott Newton proposed a new SOLO rule be made to determine a SOLO champion should there be a tie in results whether for a specific SOLO class or for the overall SOLO championship.
The number of first place finishes in a season for the respective championship.
Then the number of second place finishes in the season for the respective championship.
Then the number of third, fourth, fifth and likewise finishes for the respective championship.
In the event that there is still a tie for a position, then the final PAX times for each driver in all events that season which the tied drivers attended will be added up for each driver and the driver with the best combined total of finishing times will be granted the better positon in the championship.
Under current rules, to be entitled to be counted in a championship, the entrant must start 51% of the events with their best six finishes counting toward points.

Lee Hidy made a motion to adopt the new rules, Jon Coffin seconded, motion carried.

50-50: Won for the sum of $7.50 by Chris Murphy.

ADJOURNMENT: Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn. Mike Donofrio seconded, motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb,
Secretary CNYR SCCA

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