CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:22 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.

R.E.REPORT: Scott Newton reported that our annual January banquet is scheduled for Sunday, January 25, 2015 and that he will become a 2nd time dad in the spring.

Ed Leubner will verify the date, time and menu for the banquet with Borio’s Restaurant.

Jay Cartini said he will need an accurate head count for the event to save the region any extra expenses such as those that occurred when the 2014 gathering had fewer members show up than originally estimated.

ASST.R.E.REPORT: Ed Leubner said he had a recent conversation with Matt Benjamin enquiring about using the lot behind Valley Plaza as a SOLO venue. Matt said there are new owners for the property and perhaps having videos of SOLO events for the owners to view would give them a better idea about using parking areas as SOLO locations.

Ed said that he noticed on a website that Finger Lakes Region has lost their R.I.T. location as a SOLO site and will undoubtedly be looking for new locations.

Ed also said that the Spec. Miata group at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Laguna ended in controversy when the 10th place finisher protested over the engines of the top 9 finishers.

Apparently it was an issue with the cylinder heads and the tech results disqualified the first 6 finishers.

Obviously there will be much input from National between now and the January start of MAJORS events.

SECRETARY REPORT/F&C REPORT: Bob Holcomb made a motion asking for approval of the October meeting minutes as they appear on our web-site. Mike Gagliardi seconded, motion carried.

Bob made mention of CNYR member Catherine Mazoway who celebrated 35 years of SCCA membership on October 1, 2014, per the October, 2014 issue of SportsCar magazine.

Bob said that F&C Chief Mick Levy is home recuperating from his latest surgery, best wishes were extended for a speedy return.

Bob also mentioned that members could check the official Watkins Glen web-site of to read about the updated information regarding the repaving of the Watkins Glen circuit in 2015.

The repaving will start after the SVRA weekend of July, 24-26 2015 beginning in The Boot and then include the NASCAR short course portion after the NASCAR event of August, 6-9, 2015.

TREASURER REPORT: Jay Cartini said all revenues due the region are in, including revenues for our August picnic. Jay asked that if anyone had reciptss to turn in for expenses, please get them to him so that payment may be rendered prior to December 31, 2014.

Jay discussed the insurance premiums that we pay on our SOLO van which run approximately $700 per year through Progressive Insurance. Since the van is registered with Commercial insurance, the rates are higher than if it were able to be registered under a different category.

Some discussion followed concerning switching to a trailer for SOLO equipment but it was tabled as a trailer would still require a haul vehicle.

SOLO REPORT: Mark Bizzozero said he does not have the final points results available on the web-site as of meeting time, and is waiting for more class championship information.

Scott Newton said he will remind Evan Haas to update the information for the web-site.

Mark said he is picking up the SOLO trophies in January and they will be ready for the banquet.

Leo Sawyer asked about a questionable front spoiler on one vehicle at an event held at the Cherry Valley Kart Track. Ted Barbuto and Mark Bizzozero said it was discussed at the event and was not deemed to be a safety issue and the car was allowed to run as is.

RALLY CROSS REPORT: Jim Quattro said our last event was in October at the Walczyk Farm in Weedsport and was a day/night event with 9 entrants each getting in about 14 runs, 4 in the light, 10 in the dark.

An event for December has been cancelled while Jim concentrates on a more ambitious schedule for 2015.

Jim said to improve the series they need several items repaired or replaced, including helmets, walkie-talkies, fire bottles and cones, plus office supplies and awards for the banquet.

Helmets and cones were the more expensive items, with cones running at roughly $7.17 each for the silicone based cones which won’t become brittle and shatter at winter events. Helmets were roughly $120 ea. for the models that Jim checked.

Jon Coffin suggested we do further research on the cost of helmets.

Rex Franklin said he will check prices at the Parts Peddler event Nov. 21-22.

With a total estimate of around $1,000 for the items, much discussion followed.

Rex Franklin made a motion to approve the needed expenditures.

Lee Hidy moved to amend Rex’s motion to approve the needed expenditures less the cones until a schedule is available showing the need for more cones to make a longer course viable.

Mark Bizzozero seconded to amend, motion carried.

The now amended motion was seconded by Ted Barbuto, motion carried.

It was decided that SOLO would loan RALLY CROSS helmets until new helmets could be obtained.

Jim said that proper advertising can double the number of entrants at an event.

Scott Newton said that Bill Scott, driver of a FOCUS ST won a VIP pass to Global Rally Cross to be held in Las Vegas and perhaps Bill could do an article for SNARLING EXHAUST about his experience…obviously Scott forgot that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Jim also mentioned that he will be attending the N.E. Division Mini-Con coming up in Marlboro, Mass.

CNYRP REPORT: Mike Gagliardi said work is progressing, stumps have been pulled, a course is being roughed out and things are slowly progressing with a hoped for fall 2015 opening if Mother Nature co-operates. The main priority at this point is the half mile dirt track.

Jim Quattro said that he has a meeting scheduled for Friday, November 14th at 1:30 p.m. at CNYRP to discuss the needs and desires of CNYR SCCA for utilizing the facility. All are welcome to attend.

Jim also mentioned that 2015 will be a pilot year for a new series called “Rally Sprint” which he defined as being part way between Rally Cross and a Rally Stage.

Mike also mentioned that some changes have been suggested to the road course design to comply with safety issues, such as more run off areas, barriers, etc.

NEW BUSINESS: Candidates for election were presented.

The position of Activities Director was open, so nominations were taken from the floor.

Ted Barbuto was nominated and accepted the nomination, although former R.E. Mike Donofrio was a strong candidate as well.

The following were candidates for office:

R.E.: Ed Leubner

A.R.E.: Mark Bizzozero

SECRETARY: Bob Holcomb

TREASURER: Jay Cartini

Act. Dir.: Ted Barbuto

Lee Hidy made a motion that the Secretary make one unanimous vote for each candidate as read by the Secretary. Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried.

Congratulations to the new slate of officers.


50-50: Won by Lee Hidy for $7.50. Lee, despite the amount involved, refused an armed escort to his van.

ADJOURNMENT: Lee Hidy made a motion to adjourn. Mike Gagliardi seconded, motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m. by R.E. Scott Newton.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb,
Secretary, CNYR SCCA

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