Meeting Minutes For CNYR SCCA For Wed., Dec. 12, 2012

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 7:18 p.m. by R.E. Mike Donofrio.

Mike Donofrio welcomed all to the date historic 12/12/12 meeting.
He said he was looking forward, after a 7 year run as R.E., to turning the gavel over to R.E. Elect Scott Newton come January 1, 2013.
He is also anticipating many years of helping from "the other side of the table".
Otherwise Mike had nothing new to report.

Ed Leubner said he nothing new to report.

Bob Holcomb asked for a delay in approval of the November meeting minutes as the latest Snarling Exhaust had not been published as of the meeting date.
Scott Newton and Ed Leubner said the minutes were available on our web-site under the title of "Monthly Meetings".
Since many of the members present were unaware of this, it was suggested by Mike Donofrio that we hold off approval of the November minutes until our next business meeting after all could read them via Snarling Exhaust and the members present agreed with that suggestion.
Bob mentioned that two legends in SCCA and International racing had recently passed, Bill Milliken at age 101 in July and John Fitch at 95 in October.
Bill Milliken had worked to help establish Watkins Glen as a viable race facility and John Fitch drove in numerous events and is credited with helping design some of the first safety barriers for race tracks.
Jon Coffin said he had seen John at an event earlier in the year as he mingled with the crowd.
Bob also invited all present to partake of the Christmas Cookies provided by his wife and fellow member, Nancy....and the cookies rapidly disappeared.

Jay Cartini asked that anyone with outstanding bills give them to him before year end so that the region could make payment.
Otherwise we are good to go, he said.

Mark Bizzozero was absent due to illness.
Lee Hidy made note that some of the 2013 SOLO dates listed in the latest SportsCar are inaccurate.
Certain shopping center locations were asked about as possible SOLO sites, but it was reported that neither Great Northern Mall on Rte 31 or DestiNY are available.

Jim Quattro reported that our latest November event was attended by Area 10 Governor John Walsh who was very impressed with our program.
Congratulations to Jim who works very hard to keep us at the peak of the Rally Cross program in the North East.
Jim said that several members of the Finger Lakes Ice Racing Club also attended and had a very good time, intending to return for other events.
Karl Hughes said the group split off from the CNY Ice Racers and intends to run when there is ice, or on dirt when there is not.
Jim reported that our best event of the year had 26 participants, a definite improvement over the first few seasons.
As for 2013, Jim said that the North East Division will be holding a Rally Cross at the new Central New York Raceway Park on some currently undeveloped land.
CNYR will be hosts, but not the actual sponsors.
Anyone with information on obtaining rental for porta potties is requested to contact Jim.
Our first region sponsored event will be during the second weekend of February, details as they become available.

Frank Beyer said he is working on a Regional Winter Championship Rally for early March, 2013 which will hopefully include some of the top rally teams from the northeast.
Frank said he has already had interest from teams in Wisconsin, Ontario, New York and more, and hopes to have up to 40 teams.
It will be a day-night rally, between 6 to 8 hours, with the course yet to be determined

Mick Levy said that the Chump Car race scheduled at Watkins Glen for the weekend of April 12, 13 & 14, 2013 will have 7 & 1/2 hour races both Saturday and Sunday, with rolling starts, with the top 10 finishers on Saturday starting from the back of the pack on Sunday.
Jon Coffin and Karl Hughes are planning on entering the event, so we will have a local team to cheer on.
Mick said he is planning to work the Daytona 24 HRS in January, while Bob Holcomb said he is signed to work Daytona, plus Sebring in March and possibly the Rational at Palm Beach, in mid-January.
A fun way to spend the Snowbird season.

Andrew Beyer was absent, no report.

Rob Sgarlata was absent.
Scott Newton requested that everyone planning on attending the CNYR banquet in January RSVP either to himself, Rob or via the web.
Cost is $15 per attendee.
No 50/50 raffle was held so R.E. Mike Donofrio's winning record of 2 consecutive 50/50 wins wasn't able to be extended to 3 at this time.

Jon Coffin reported that he had recently visited the new New York Safety Track near Oneonta, which had been discussed at previous meetings.
It is still under construction, although the base layer of asphalt has been laid down.
The top layer is scheduled for spring of 2013 when weather permits.
Whether the track will be financially viable for the region to hold a SOLO or RALLY CROSS event will have to be determined at a later time.

Scott Newton made a suggestion that our February meeting be held at the Karting complex at DestiNY, formerly known as Carousel Center.
Since our January date is our annual banquet, Mike Donofrio made the suggestion that availability of the Kart facility be looked into for a possible March date to give other members a chance to plan ahead.
General discussion agreed with this.
Scott will be looking into scheduling a date.

Lee Hidy moved to adjourn.
Ed Heffron seconded, motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Holcomb, Sec.

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