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Final Event Updates

October 11th event

Our event for October 11th has met it's minimum attendance numbers, and is thus confirmed. Looking forward to seeing everyone there

Pax Points Breakdown:

It looks as though our top 10 in PAX has been mathematically decided at this point - the names will not change, but the order almost certainly will after the October 11th event.

Here's the current top 10, with their theoretical maximum and minimum positions after event #9. Everyone can theoretically gain 50 points in the next event, but people with 6 or more events will need to drop a varying amount of points in exchange (this explains the variances).

Chris Gifford (243pts, dropping 29): Best 1st, Worst 3rd
Karl Hughes (243pts, dropping 35): Best 1st, Worst 3rd
Kyle Rashford (213pts, dropping 26): Best 3rd, Worst 6th
Yuiry Yatsishin (195pts, dropping 0): Best 1st, Worst 10th
John Croasdaile (193pts, dropping 28): Best 3rd, Worst 10th
Mark Mangicaro (191pts, dropping 29): Best 4th, Worst 10th
Gerrit VanVranken (178pts, dropping 25): Best 4th, Worst 10th
Scott Newton (177pts, dropping 5): Best 3rd, Worst 10th
Randy Humphreys (160pts, dropping 0): Best 4th, Worst 10th
Mike Wilson (158pts, dropping 0): Best 4th, Worst 10th
The current drivers in 11th and below cannot gain enough points on offer to catch 10th place

Class Points Breakdown:

Classes on LOCKDOWN (either already clinched or will be by just attending minimum events)

BS-Mark Mangicaro
CS-Dan Overhauser
FS-Randy Humphreys
STR-Paul Grover
CSP-Ed Leubner
XP-John Speicher
EP-Joe Cosentino
DM-Leo Sawyer

Classes Going Down To the Wire

In contention
1 John Croasdaile 81
2 Yuriy Yatsishin 80

John has a one point lead on Yuriy. Yuriy is undefeated this year but is losing to john due to running fewer events than John. John can win the class with two wins and Yuriy scoring less than 25 points.

In contention
1 Simon Robinson 85
2 Cody Cunningham 60

Simon has a commanding lead going into the last two events for the year. Simon can clinch the class with a win. If Cody can win out and Simon finishes second in either of the final two events they will tie and Cody has the tie breaker due to more wins.

In Contention
1Chris Gifford 82
2Karl Hughes 72
3Kyle Rashford 68
4Mike Wilson 50

Chris is in control of his own destiny. He can clinch pro win a single win or two second place finishes. Karl can win with two wins and Chris scoring less than 18 points in the final two events. Kyle and Mike need some luck in order to take the class. Kyle needs to win out and have Chris finish no better than third in either of the final two events. Mike also need to win out and have Chris finish no higher fifth, Karl score less than 18 points.

In Contention
1 Davey Thai 22
2 Nicholas Dixon 22

Both need to attend events to take the class. Nicholas needs one event. Davey needs two events. This class comes down who can score the most points as

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