SCCA's Rally Department encompasses several forms of motorsports. Road Rally is an event run in your daily driver at or below posted speed limits on public highways. The task is for the Driver/Navigator team to navigate a predetermined course following a set of instructions. The objective is to follow the directions precisely. Checkpoints are set up at undisclosed points to score how well competitors have performed. Arrive at exactly the right time, and your score for that leg of the rally is zero. Arrive early or late and penalty points are assessed. The lowest total score in a particular class wins. Driver and navigator both play vital roles.

RallyCross is an event on an unpaved, closed course defined by pylons. One car at a time navigates the course; the fastest time in a class wins. RallyCrosses are run on everything from dirt and mud to snow and ice. No modifications to your car are required to participate in this unique competiton.

Taylor Rental Auburn

The CNY SCCA RallyCross program is sponsored by Taylor Rental, Auburn

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