CNY Solo Championship Series

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What Is Solo?

Solo, otherwise known as Autocross, is an event usually held in an open lot or runway. A course is laid out using cones, and cars drive through the course individually and race against the clock. Cars of different abilities are classed together, and each class has an adjustment factor, or PAX, which is multiplied against the actual time to get the PAX time, which allows all drivers to be ranked, regardless of car capabilities. This is a sport that emphasizes the driver's abilities, rather than the capabilities of the car.

Who can compete?

Any licensed driver is allowed to compete in an event. Drivers aged 8-16 can also participate via the junior program. If you are not already a SCCA member, then you will need to sign up for a weekend membership for insurance purposes. This can be done at the event site on the day of the event. Virtually any car can be entered, as long as it is safe to drive and will pass the tech/safety inspection. You will typically see anything on the course, ranging from corvettes, porsches, S2000s, to Corollas, Elantras, and everything in between. For beginners there is a novice class where you will be running in a group with other novices. You will also be provided an instructor to ride along with you and give you advice. In addition, before the event starts, there is a novice walk though. An experienced competitor will walk all the novices (and anyone else who cares to listen) through the course giving advice and pointers.

If there are any questions about participating or anything else about autocross, don't hesitate to contact someone on the contacts page. This is a very friendly event to novices, and everyone tries to make it as beginner friendly.

What do I need to participate?

  • A safe car
    • You need to have a car that will pass the safety inspection. That means no worn belts, no excessively worn tires, secure battery, responsive brakes and throttle, working seatbelts, etc.
    • Your car will be teched prior to competition, but do not rely on this inspection alone for the safety of your vehicle. You have the final responsibility for your own safety
  • A helmet
    • Everyone who participates needs to be wearing an helmet. If you do not have your own, there will be loaner helmets for you to use as your turn to race approaches. PLEASE return the helmet as soon as your run is complete so someone else can use it.
    • If you choose to provide your own helmet, it must be SNELL approved. DOT rating does not qualify a helmet for solo use. The helmet must specifically have a sticker reading "SA2015", "M2015", "SA2010", "M2010", "SA2005" or "M2005" to be used (More Information)
  • Numbers
    • When you register, either online or in person, you will be assigned a number. The number will consist of your class (see classing information in the documents listed below) and an individual number. You will need to have numbers clearly visible from both sides of the car. Most common is to use shoe polish or masking tape to mark the numbers on a rear window. More dedicated autoxers have magnetic or vynal numbers for the car doors. If you do not have numbers, they can be provided at the event.

What does it cost?

  • Entry fees are $35 for SCCA Members.
  • Non-members may purchase a weekend membership for an additional $15 (total event fee $50) at registration. The purchase price of up to three weekend memberships can be credited towards a full SCCA membership
  • Entry fees are $10 for SCCA Junior Members (ages 8-16)
  • All entry fees are paid in-person at the event, regardless of if you pre-registered
  • All entry fees must be paid in cash

CNY Solo Championship Series Rules & Regulations.

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